Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Merry & Bright"

Hi Everyone!  I'm squeezing in one more post this week, to share a Christmas themed project and to be able to wish  you all a Merry Christmas. I'm sure everyone is busy, busy, busy about now, so I will keep my rambling to a minimum. lol
This silly little owl ( who looks like he's been dipping in the egg nog) is hanging on my kitchen window right above my sink now.  I think he's funny. And he reminds me to stay light and don't let the stress of the holiday hustle and bustle keep me from enjoying what's important. ( and I guess, if nothing else.. drink the egg nog) lol 

He was made using the 2016 Christmas Collection from Fancy Pants, Merry & Bright.
I LOVE these new acrylic titles!  Love the font , the convenience and just the entire look of them.

The wood shape I used for my base is from ADORNit.   They have lots of fun shapes HERE

So, I finished up the last of the baking and picked up the key for the place we rent for Christmas Eve. (it's get'n real).  I'm so excited to see everyone!

I am always the one talking about the importance of photos  I cant even imagine the number of layouts I've done in my life to preserve the memories of my family. I cherish photos.   BUT.... ugh... I do not like being in them.    I used to think, "oh, I'll be better about it when I loose some weight". ect ect..    Then I realized I better quit waiting for that :/  This is now. This is who I am now. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.
   I  am way more comfortable being behind the camera than in front of it.  As moms I think a lot of us (consciously or unconsciously) tend to do that.   So I challenge you to be in the pictures more.
 It's important.

These are my people.

I adore these photos of my kids.  Who doesn't love photos of their kids.. no matter how old they are.
It was SO hard to try to find a time that would work for all of us.  Some work  days, some nights, all with different days off, and all living in different directions. ( although all within an hour).    At one point I thought I had it all figured out and then hours changed and it fell thru.  I was disappointed and had just put the idea to the side, thinking .. maybe next year we'll get a family picture.    But because I have an awesome Daughter in Law, she got everyone's schedules , figured out a time that would work for everyone and coordinated that with Gabby ( who took the photo).  Thank you Kate!       I was thrilled! The guys were doing their general grumbling about having to do pictures and it was FREEZING out.. .but we did it!
Gabby came, we ran out to the side yard, she snapped away .. and wahhhh laaa!

I am so thankful for these pictures.

So... from our house to yours... Merry Christmas!



Anonymous said...

Vicki, my heart is filled with love for you and your family. I LOVE the family picture. I think you look beautiful. It's about the now and you are beautiful now. I love that your son and daughter and law dressed in complimentary colors. So cute They are adorable. And I hope your Other Son, makes this girl his for Christmas with plans for more. They are a beautiful couple. Your cookies look great and your pretzels are to die for! The owl is darling and I love the Merry and Bright! Will have to look into that. From my house to yours, Larry and I send our love and wishes for the absolutely best holidays ever!

Jill Norwood said...

Wonderful photos!!! So precious!!!