Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Felt Hearts Galore

?Boy oh boy! Sorry I've been missing for a bit but my fingers have been stitching like crazy.  A while back I posted a few felt hearts that I had been hand stitching on Facebook and Intagram.  People started asking if I would make some to sell.  Well, I have made over 40 of them now.  I'm thrilled so many people  liked them.
I love hand stitching so this has been a nice change from paper crafts for a bit.

I have made a number of trips to Hobby Lobby to buy more felt and floss, let me tell you. lol I keep thinking I have enough...but

Lets just say I have spent some serious time with Netflix lately! lol    I binge watched " The Super" after I realized it was all filmed in Omaha.  I'm not usually that much of a TV watcher, but when your stitching, you can exactly read right?
Well, put it this way... I sure cant! lol

Yesterday the girls were hear for craft group. What a hoot! We laughed so much!   
Jan had brought this little retro campers cookie kits ( by Wilton) for us to decorate.  They were originally Christmas but we had all the goodies to make Valentine retro campers.
I'm pretty sure non of us were going to win a blue ribbon  on our decorating skills on these... but boy did we laugh!

Julie and I switched off taking photo so we could get all of us in.

Here are a few photos from the afternoon.  We met for lunch in town before hand and then came here for crafting.  We all lived in different directions but everyone with in an hour of each other with my exception of my sis. She is about a hour and 15 minutes from here.

We met Karen when she took a class I was teaching a couple of years ago.  We just knew the she was going to end up being a great friend to all of us! This is once amazing group of ladies! I am just so blessed to have these girls in my life. Really, just blessed!

Like I said, my sis supplied all the fun stuff for making these. She is such a creative thinker! She had about any candy and/or decoration we could have wanted to decorate these.

I was trying to upload the video of this to this blog post but for some reason I wasn't having any luck.  If you follow me on Instagram (VickiChr) or Facebook (Vicki Dunn Chrisman) I have it uploaded there.  We are all laughing SO hard! Decorating these was one thing but getting them to stand upright using the two center pieces and frosting proved to be a challenge for all of us.  .... to say the least! lol

I attempted once and said forget it. I left mine laying flat. lol

But it was a great day spent with some of my very favorite people.... and I cant wait until we get together again!

I snagged this photo from Deb, as these are the hearts she purchased.   I have been stitching and had a new batch , so if anyone is interested you can email me at
The regular sized ones without the scalloped piece are $9, they are about 4.5 wide,  and the ones with the scalloped piece behind and the extra stitching are $14.
Shipping is $2.50 for 1 ( or more) Shipping is all $2.50   (US only at this time)

( hand stitched with vintage buttons)

Ok, getting my hands back to stitching now. lol Thanks so much for stopping by, AND for waiting for me between posts.

Thanks friends!



Candy Spiegel said...

These are so beautiful! I might just have to make some.

I wish I lived close enough to be one of the girls ... you have so much fun and make the cutest things!

Linda F. said...

Love these! I haven't stitched in so long!

I sent you an e-mail...

Dianne said...

Just gorgeous! I sent you an email as well..... Your art makes me want to get out my needle and thread as well..... But I doubt I would be able to make any as beautiful as yours!

Anonymous said...

Laughed till the tears ran down our legs.......that is a really good time. Love the hearts, love the creations. Hugs girl!

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