Thursday, January 05, 2017

What to do with Christmas card photos? Here you go..

Wow! Where did that time go?  Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. Just taking time to enjoy time with the family over the Holidays.  Which were awesome by the way.  Busy but fun!  I'll share photos at the bottom of this post of our celebrations over Christmas but first... some creativity.
I have posted this book and what I've done with it, just after Christmas, probably for at least  the last four years.  I was so happy to finally find a way to save, and enjoy all my photo Christmas cards I receive ( once they have had there time on the fridge of course :)   We all get photo cards at Christmas right? What do you do with yours?  I used to just file mine way in a photo box, like I do all my photos.  This is a fun way to have those photos out for enjoyment all year.  This makes a great coffee table conversion book.   A great place to share your photos and your creativity.

All you need is an old book with a good sturdy binding.   Drill two holes and add rings.  (  make sure your rings are big enough to allow for adding pages).  If your like me and you like to add a lot it will be a chunky book.    You can also tear out some pages if you want to add more room.

You can do as little or as much altering to your pages as you wish.  I used sprays, stamps , stickers, papers, Washi tape,  embellishments ect.   Some pages more than other.  depending on the size of the pages in your book, the photo cards might take up a lot of the page.  If so , if you want just leave the  opposite page open for you to alter.

This is a great way to use some of your Washi tapes.
I love seeing the new additions from year to year.

Speaking of "new additions" ... this was an EXCITING card to get this year.  Because.....

 I flipped it over to see this.   It was fun to see, although Ryan (my nephew) had called me a couple of weeks before to share his and Erins exciting news. ( which made this Auntie feel pretty special :)      I'm so excited for my sis Jan to get to be a grammy for the second time.

It's cards like this that have a front and back that you will want to be able to see, that are the once that I just punch holes in and do not glue down.  

This is Wyatt and Emmett family  photo on their card this year.
And here is their photo in the book a few Christmas's ago.   Oh... look how they have grown!
As you can see with the pages, you can put them in "as is" or you can get more creative with it like the pages below.

I hope that inspires you to want to make a fun book with your Christmas card photos.


I will  never apologize for sharing  my family photos because they are such a huge important part of my life. "Family" is the reason I started scrapooking/memory keeping in the first place, and that is originally why I started this blog.  Now, although I share all kinds of crafty things here, once thing has not changed... Family is still most important .   
I figure those of you who are here for crafty inspiration will check that out in the first part of the blog post,  and those of you who want to share in a personal/family  part of my  life can continue on right?
There, you have been warned. lol Here comes Holiday photo overload.

We started out Christmas Eve with our big get together with the Dunn family at the place we rent.  We do soups, snacks and goodies.  Oh, there is always SO much!

And of course I make sure they have to play ridiculous games. ha!   They are good sports and agree to play.  It's always good for a few laughs.

This was the decorate a Grandpa game.   It was fun having Neely and Alan here from CA, with baby Tennessee. He needed a little help from his mommy and daddy to get his Grandpa decorated, but boy did this do a great job!  I think Tennessee was like "What is going on"?  So many people .. so much crazy! lol

I laughed so hard while they were playing this game that most of the photos I tried to take were so blurry that you couldn't see what was going on.   I was a relay.  You had to put a potato between your legs and then run down to the bucket, squat down and let to drop in.  OMGOSH... so funny!

We got home late Christmas Eve, put things away, and prepared for the next day.  On Christmas day Wes and Amy both had to work that night so we had planned to have our Christmas with them and Jarad and Kate at our house on Monday.  Amy's mom was here from CA for a visit so they wanted to do a meal on Christmas Day, and they invited us. (lucky us).  Amy's mom made such a nice meal.  It was wonderful.
In their basement Wes has made one wall a TV screen. In case you were wondering about that HUGE fireplace. lol  It was on TV.  There place is so cozy and comfortable.  I hated to get back in the cold car and drive home  at the end of the day.

Monday was Christmas at our house, with Wes, Amy, Kate , Jarad, Amy's mom and us.  As a mom there is nothing I love more than having the kids all home. I love them to be laying around relaxing with really full bellies :)
It was perfect.

You can only imagine that the 4 legged loved ones in our family don't go without on Christmas either. I always want the kids to bring the dogs on Christmas, but this year they left Jep and Amy's moms dog home together (since we were with them the day before).   Jarad and Kates pups, Riley and Cloey were with us.  Cloey is getting up in years and going down hill which makes us all sad, as we love her so much. We wanted to make this Christmas special for her.  We spoiled her with attention.
As you can see from the stocking below.. there is no animal forgotten. I had a stocking for Amy's moms dog also so, 6 dog stocking and 2 cats.    Yes .. we love animals. ha
In the upper left corner of the photo below you can see what Kate and Jarad gave Daisy. lol   I think I will wait until Wyatt and Emmett come to visit next to make this.  They will think it's so fun!

This  photo just pretty much sums up how we were feeling by the time all the festivities had wound down.

Always so great to be together, eat good food and Celebrate the birth of Jesus.

and then good to

I hope it was a wonderful Christmas for all of you as well.

Hugs, Vicki


Kristi Wilson said...

Love this idea! Was just talking with my sister over the holidays about the best way to store these!

Cris Cunningham said...

Love this Vicki!! And your family Christmas looks like so much fun! Happy New Year!

Jane Wetzel said...

what an incredible idea! love your always... blessings to you in 2017

Rosebudlady said...

I would love to follow you around one day and see if I can figure out how you do everything! Yes, family is everything and I enjoy mine so much that I kind of get teased about it but I do not care. Thank you for all the work you put into each post. I am a night owl and your posts often pop up around 1 or 2 in the morning...are you up then or do you have automatic posting? Happy New Year to all.

Vicki Chrisman said...

Rosebudlady oh you totally made my day! I absolutely am a night owl! Yes those are usually hours when I'm doing my blog posts. Thank you so much for taking time to comment and say such nice things about the time that I put into blogging. Facebook and Instagram have taken so many people away from visiting blogs that sometimes I wonder if it's Worth it for me to continue. It's just that I've been at it for such a long time and I've made so many wonderful friends it's hard to give it up. Thank you for your encouraging words they came at a time when I really needed them. I will blog on :)

Vicki Chrisman said...

Thanks so much Jane!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh thanks so much Cris...happy new year to you also!

Jill Norwood said...

Vicki it looks like it was another wonderful Christmas! Always so lovely to see the fun photos you share. Ours was quiet this year as my Dad had lung cancer surgery Dec. 6th and was still recovering. It went well and they caught it early so we are hopeful. Hope your New Year is full of blessings! Hugs - Jill in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun Vicki! What were they doing with straws? You must tell us more. Hugs!

Jane said...

Thanks for the photo Christmas card book idea! Love it! Also enjoyed your photos of the family fun times --- had never heard of a doggie gingerbread house so had to rush to Amazon and ended up ordering one - LOL!

Addie S. said...

I'm so happy to have found your blog, and THIS idea on what to do with photo Christmas cards!! I keep ALL cards I receive, photo or not, and have tons, which I can now put in books to share with family and friends when they visit us!!! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and love for family with the world! The world needs more of this!!