Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Celebrate" Card using Fancy Pants Designs and some J Bloom fun with Amy

Shocking how fast the weekend can go sometimes, isn't it? Wow!   The weather has been gorgeous here for the last few days... defiantly not the norm for February in Nebraska.  No complaints tho! We'll take it!  Spring cant get here soon enough for me.
I've been finding my self loving things with lots of color (yes, more than usual) lol  I know it's because I have Spring fever.  Another sign you have Spring  if you find yourself  endlessly  standing in the floral isle at Hobby Lobby, glazed over eyes... slightly catatonic. lol   My sister Jan and I were that way a couple of weeks ago when we were at the At Home Store.  We just kept putting different color combos of flower bunches together and oohing and awing. Give me color!
Last night I decided I'd make a card with the new Fancy Pants Designs " Sweet Nothings Collection".
Great colors and patterns in this collection!

If you are a friend on Facebook you may have already gotten a invite from me for a Online J Bloom party I'm hosing for Amy. Most of you who follow my blog already know who Amy is. She's our oldest son Wes's sweetie.
She recently started being a designer for J Bloom.  I have ordered a few things already, and I love them!
I love that they have so many things that can be personalized.   If you are interested in taking a look, here is

the link  Vicki's online J Bloom Party   It will be open until next Monday Feb 27th

I thought I'd share a few of the stackable rings that Jan I have gotten. Of course hers is the one with "Tennessee" on it. It's her sweet grandsons name.  Since then she has ordered one that says "Grandma". She has a new grandbaby on the way so for her other ring she will have that baby girls name.

The "Here's to Life" is mine. It's my favorite line from a Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers song.

I have also ordered these. This one says  "est 1981  weston 1982 jarad 1985"  The year Dan and I got married and the boys Birth dates.
( you can choose your font color and size of course)

And here is the other one I have, which is a saying I love.  "be truthful, gentle, and fearless"

Just for ideas, here is one of Amy's.

Here is one she designed for her mom.

If your interested, you can check out the catalog and I know if you have any questions about personalizing or anything else, Amy would be happy to help you.
There is certainly lots of cool things to choose from.

Thanks for letting me share!

I hope everyone has a great week ahead!

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