Wednesday, February 08, 2017

"Happy Day" shadowbox with Fancy Pants Designs Sweet Nothings Collection

Hello! Boy, am going to have to stop letting so much time lapse between posts, because it all piles up and I have too much to share. lol  I have always loved having my camera handy and documenting everyday life, but with the convenience of having a camera in your phone with you all the time, it really makes taking photos of everyday things so easy. I love it.   Now I just have to narrow down which ones I can share in a blog post without overloading you. lol
First of all, a project.  This was done with the Fancy Pants Designs New "Sweet Nothing" Collection.  I adore this happy bunch of papers and embellishments! Great for Valentines Day ,but also great for general use.  I had found this balsa wood tray at the Dollar Store and decided to create a shadowbox with it, using this pretty collection.

If you are like me and don't live in a warm sunny place in the middle of winter. this collection will certainly brighten up the grey dreary days.   That is one thing I've learned after living in Nebraska all my life, is that when I start getting down from all the long, cold days when I look outside and see nothing but grey and brown, I create something with COLOR inside to brighten things up!   And when I'm done with it, I don't put it away until Spring or Summer, I keep it out!  It really does help!

This collection has some darling embellishments too!!

What else have I been working on?  Well, I've now made and sold over 70 of these. What? I know!  I'm so glad people liked them.   Next year I just need to start stitching earlier.

I did also find these larger felt hearts recently, so I tried out cutting some pieces with  AccuCut dies and stitching them on.  If I would have gotten a earlier start on this I would have offered some as kits.  Some people still are interested as they really could be left out all year, not just Valentines Day.  I'm seeing if I can come up with some of the larger hearts and if so I may offer some as kits.  I'll post updates here.

I took a little break from stitching to bake some cookies.  Dan eats very little sweets of any kind but he will eat these, so I make them to send in his lunch. ( trying to put some weight on that guy.  I wish I had that problem :(

They boys were here one day last week, since their momma had to leave work sick.  I picked them up from school and daycare and brought them over until their dad got off work.  I'm always happy to have them here. They are such great kids.   I let them make their own individual pizzas for supper.

I think they liked them lol.

As for big boys.  Our boys invited me to lunch and to the new indoor gun range in the town where Wes is an officer yesterday.  Neither of them are hunters, and I am CERTAINLY NOT!  I'm not much of a "gun" gal at all, but hey if my boys invite me anywhere, I GO!  Happily! 
I LOVE getting to spend time with them.   And ... YES they did  get me to shoot. Seriously.  Weird
 But a great day with them!

I have another post to squeeze in before Val Day, I'll be back in a couple of days.  Until then, be good. lol

Hope things are good for all of you this week!


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