Thursday, March 02, 2017

90th Birthday card and some other fun

Hey everyone!
Hoping your week has been a good one. It feels to me that it has flown by. There has been something going on every day. All good things so I cant complain. Time with friends, and time with family. I'll share some photos further down in this post.
This morning I spent some time working on a Birthday card for a very special lady who is celebrating her 90th Birthday.  My friend Marianne,(who has been my friend for years), is having a card shower for her mom's 90th Birthday. Marianne has been a friend since grade school. We were best friends and neighbors  all thru junior high and high school and then became room mates after that. She has lived out of state for years now, but we still stay in touch of course.  Her mom Vi is a gem. Always smiling!  I'll be sending her this card, but my intention is to set up a time to meet up and go visit with her.  She ( Vi)  is just a little over an hour from me. 

Celebrating the 90th Birthday of an amazing woman!

Tuesday I met up with the girls for lunch.  I made up these little St Patty's gifts just for fun.

We celebrated February Birthdays! Julie and Karen!  We were at a Mexican restaurant, can you tell? lol

Monday Lyla came over to play.  We had a fun and busy day.  We painted....

She was proud of her canvas.

We made cookies......

and made a tent under the table. lol  We played in the tent with the pretend food, but as you can see, it came in handy later in the day also.

Yesterday Amy and Wes came for Lunch and spent the afternoon.  It was really nice that it worked about that it was Dan's day off so he could be here also.

Jep finished his training classes.

Can you tell he's proud??? lol

I always love having the kids home, and cooking for them.   The dogs had fun playing together, as always.

Time for me to get back to these layouts on my desk , sooooo... until next time.

Thanks, as always for stopping by.  I'm always happy to have you.


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Anonymous said...

Now that is one proud pup!! Love Lyla and want to take her home and your card? What can I say, beautiful as always. You are a talent.