Monday, March 06, 2017

A new layout using Millie & June Fancy Pants Designs

Hello friends!
Well, among other things I'm still working on some layouts for hire for a friends Grandchilds graduation this year.   I thought I'd share another one with you today.  I have always really like the Millie & June Collection .......and finally I'm getting a chance to do some girly layouts. yay!     I'm doing MANY, so I have to keep the layouts simple so I can make serious progress. Using Fancy Pants Collections sure make things move along quickly with the coordinating title, and ephemera pieces.  Otherwise I find myself digging thru every thing in my room lol   I wish I could use FP of ALL these layouts!

I've also been working on some Spring banners to sell.  I'll be posting those soon, if anyone is interested.

So... Emmett was here yesterday and spent the night last night.  Mom, dad and his brother were out of town at a game. I knew it might be late when they got back so I said.. "just let him spend the night, and I'll take him to preschool in the morning".  We found all kinds of things to do. First we made some St Patricks day treats.

Then we went over to Lylas farm up the road to see the farm animals.  On the way he informed me that he would look at the geese and cats and dog but that he didn't like cows. lol

Well, he ended up playing he kazoo ( that we got when we stopped at Family Dollar) for the cows, and I think a wonderful friendship was built. lol
It was really nice here yesterday, so it was a great day to get out.

I had the dogs outside for a bit but even though it was in the 70's, Little Miss Lily was still shivering.  She is a total cold weather wimp.  Even with her sweater on, she just wanted to come in an lay on her  blanket. lol
Emmett was so excited to have Lily sleep with him last night. She was pretty happy about that also.

Dan is off today and we are going to Kate's schools open house. Kate was very involved in setting it all up and Jarad will be there manning the Fire Dept table.  Looking forward to seeing them.

I'll be back soon to share the banners.

Happy Day to all of you!!!

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Anonymous said...

That little boy is beautiful! Love the pages and love the glasses for St. Pat's day.