Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Whatevers - "Be Sunny from the inside out"

I don't know where this month went, but here we are in the last week of "Whatevers THREE".   It has been a blast doing this again with Nat and Cat.   Our friendship goes back a long way.   We used to be on a Design Team together, oh... like 10 years ago or something crazy like that.  Nat was still living in Germany then but we all became great friends and met in person at CHA one year.  I  cherish their friendship, and I'm thrilled any time we collaborate on something.

Here is a video Nat put together back when we first started, that I love so much that I thought I'd share it here with you again.

Here is my page for this week.   Be sure to check out Nats and Cats, on their blogs

Nathalie Kalbach
Catherine Scanlon

I created the background with stencils, Glimmer Mist, stamps and paint.  The Title stamp is from Tammy Tutterow Desigsn, as well as the (blue design).  The blue was stamped on blue paper and then I cut it out.  Spellbinders  SBS-045 Big Fabric.

"Be Sunny From the insdie Out" Stamp.   Spellbinders SBS-038  "Be Sunny"

Have I mentioned that I love Tammy's stamps?

Here is this weeks photo as we would love to have you play along with us.
(personal use only please"

Remember you can play along and follow Whatevers on Face Book.

So.... since I'm house bound... I don't have anything adventurous  to share, I'll share a bit of what my adventurous kids have been up too. lol

Jarad and   Kate just got back from some time away with friends.  There vacationed at Tuttle Creek, in Kansas.
Hard to believe 4 years ago at this time we were setting up for their wedding.
Dan and I had told them long ago when they first planned this trip that we would watch the dogs, but with things the way they are here since the accident, that would have been very difficult. :(
I love having the dogs here so that was disappointing, but they got to spend time with their other Grandma and Grandpa.
She also got to spend time with Kate's nieces playing dress up. lol    Kate sent me this and I was laughing so hard.. It's like she's hanging her head in shame.    Jarad said, "Can you tell Riley relates as a boy not a girl?"  I think she prefers being a Tom Boy Cabin/River dog. lol

I sounded like Jarad , Kate and their friends had a great time.

Wes has had a guys trip to Utah to trail ride in the Moab Desert planned for  a long time.    I always worry about long bike trips, but I was thrilled that they took the bikes out there on a trailer, since there were storms in Colorado.

Being a mom, I always worry about the kids when they are "adventuring", but I'm also so thrilled they are enjoying life, and seeing our beautiful country.

Wes has been updating us,saying they are having a great time and sending amazing photos.

You can probably tell, I'm blogging from my computer instead of my phone.  Dans home today so I decided I was going to crawl up the steps to my studio. lol ( thank goodness they are carpeted).  My torso is still sore, but much better than a few weeks ago.  I could have never managed it then.   It's still not easy because the pins in my foot are rubbing on the inside of the boot I have now, and it's very painful.    Crawling up the steps and going down on my bum is defiantly not going to be a daily thing. lol  But I have done it a couple of times now.
I go  back to the Orthopedic surgeon on the 12 to have the pins removed.   I'll be glad to be rid of them.    Not sure what will come next..but therapy sometime after that.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me thru this and for all the prayers and healing vibes you have sent.

I just need some time and to practice patience.

Back soon


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Whatevers - "Eat, Sleep, Beach, Repeat"

Here we are... another week of "Whatever's".  Again, please forgive me for my post being not quite what it should be. Since the accident I can't get to my computer up in my studio so I'm blogging with my phone only.  I'm just thankful I had my pages done ahead so I could still participate ❤️

Etta and Ethel loved their Summer trips to the shores with their family.  The year round folks always looked so forward to the girls arrival also. They were a couple of characters! They were known on the beach for being fun and friendly. Always up to something. They would sing and dance, even put on  skits for the regulars. In the afternoons they would sell sodas on the beach and in the evenings they were the first to build a bon fire. It was Summer living at its finest!

Please check out Nathalie Kalbach and Catherine Scanlon's blogs to see what they have created and what story they have come up with. If you would like to play along you can get the photo ( for your personal use) on their blogs also.  We would love to have you join us! You can also find "The Whatever's " on Facebook


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunflower -Be Happy Card with pocket Tammy Tutterow Designs

Hello friends! I'm still blogging from my phone and sharing project I had finished and photographed befor the accident, so bear with me ;)
This is another Tammy Tutterow Designs stamp and a spellbinders Die. Super fun little card with a pocket die.

Every day the chest and back soreness improve a little. Of course never as much as I hope. The doc said it could be three months before the soreness is gone. That's a bit depressing but I have to remember to just be thankful to the seatbelt and airbag for doing their job.  Mid week I was still having a lot of pain and Dan was concerned about a hard bump at the top
Of my sternum. He had already made a doctor appointment by the time I got up. They did more X-rays and found large hematoma and a fractured rib that must have been missed initially. Both just have to take care of themselves, so home we went. 
Tomorrow we go back to the Orthopedic surgeon in Omaha about my leg. I'm telling you what, just getting in the car now... scares me. 
Dan goes back to work on Tuesday, so new challenges ahead. It was great that he had three weeks vacation time banked, because he has been doing everything for me! I test myself a little at a time, so that I know what I can do when he goes back to work. This is a pretty different role for him... as I'm usually he caregiver . He jumped right in and has done so great. He even gives me the shots I have to have in my stomach each night (to prevent blood clots). He's better at it than I am.  I guess sometimes you just don't know what you have in you, until you are tested. I'm very thankful he's been so great with all this. 

I have been trying to upload some photos from my phone but for some reason I'm having trouble :( so I'll give it a whirl later. Thank you for all you healing thoughts, wishes and prayers !!!

❤️ Vic

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Whatevers - "On the Farm" layout

Here we are! It's time to share more " Whatever's".  I'm so thankful I had all my pages finished, photographed and put into blogger before my accident or I wouldn't be able to participate.. and that would so sad because I've been looking so forward to this.
I'm doing this from my phone now, because I can't get up to my computer upstairs so bear with me.

Be sure to pop over to Nat and Cats blogs , not only to see where creations and read their stories, but to get the original photo, if you'd like to play along with us. It's such an adorable photo.

Their home may have been small and humble but it was something mother always took so much pride in caring for. Even  before you enter the house you were greeted with mothers beautiful flower and vegetable gardens. My brothers and I often helped her in the garden, by filling buckets with cucumbers for mother to make pickles with. We learn how to gently pick the tomatoes from the stem without damaging the plant. Momther would reward us with hugs and praise and sometimes a slice of watermelon or cantaloupe.  We learned to be proud of our hard work in the garden, just like mother. 


Here are a couple close ups.
It was fun to do a vintage style layou with a girlie spin.

Thanks again for all your thoughts
And well wishes.

Things are getting a bit easier each day, and Dan is here helping me. I go back to the Orthopedic Surgeon on the 22nd  It's my understanding that they may take the pins out of my foot then and put on a different cast for another 6 weeks.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Whatevers - "Home Sweet Home" Layout

Hey friends, I'm going to apologize a head of time  for my post. Luckily when we started talking about doing this " Whatever's" project I was excited and worked on my pages, photographed them and got them at least "into blogger".   A lot has happened in the last week. Tues morning I headed to Omaha for my long awaited root canal. After leaving my appointment, I started home.
 On the way home I was in an accident. Four cars involved, but thankfully no one else hurt.
Since then I've had two surgeries on my right foot. The seatbelt and airbags did their jobs. I am very bruised and very sore, but it could have been way, way worse. My family is great as always and have been there for us and have been such a huge help. We are now lined up with, a walker, wheelchair, toilet riser, shower chair extra. Dan has taken 2 weeks vacation to start and then we will see what we need to do from there. I may have to step back from some Design Team things during this healing process.  I can not get up the stairs to my studio.  I'm doing this right now from my phone.
Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Prayers and time will make this better❤️
Life on the farm was hard but they loved it. Always so many chores to do. Grandpa Joe though that taking time out of this busy work day for silly pictures was ridiculous. He was running a farm! He had things to get done!

Please check out Nat and Cats projects and stories on their blogs and you can also get the photo on their blogs to play Along with us. ( I usually post that here also but I will have to pass this week. Still trying to figure out how to do all this on my phone since I cant physically get up to my studio, sorry)
Nathalie Kalbach
Catherine  Scanlon.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Whatevers - "The Dam Family"

Whatevers Part Three - The Darn Family
A couple years ago my friends  Nat KalbachCat Scanlon  and I founded The Whatevers, a Creative Storytelling Project. If your not familiar with it, here is what it's all about.  Most of us have seen discarded photos at flea markets, antiques shops ect.  We wanted to give those photos a story.   We each create our own page and write our own stories.   We have had so much fun with these! 

The three of us wrote an article for this recent Cloth Paper Scissors Issue 
 We have decided to bring the Whatevers back to life again, so we are  creating pages and stories each week this month.  We also share the photos so you can play along.

And check it out.. we made the cover!

Here is my layout
 and my story:

Dan,Darlene and Debbie Dam were a fun loving family. Well, some of the town people called them "fun loving" others thought them to be a bit eccentric, and some just pain crazy. No matter what people thought of them, there was one thing that was agreed on by all...........They were as close as any family could be.  They did everything together. Dan and Darlene had tried to have children for years to no avail. When Darlene was finally able to conceive Debbie, their world change. They were a family now. Everything revolved around Debbie and the three of them did everything together!  When they were seen riding to town together with their new side car, it was really not much of a surprise.  Well, the side car wasn't anyway, but the Dam's had their new purchased decorated with signs and flags, as well as horns that they could honk as they waved and road by.
 No one in town was going to miss this!
 Here is the original photo so you can play along with us.
( photo for personal use only)

 Share with us what you came up with on the Whatevers Facebook Page or leave a link in the comment section

Remember to stay tuned all month for more fun with "Whatever"..... AND, we'd love you  to join in!

Here are the links to Cat and Nat's blogs so you can check out there pages and stories.
 Cat Scanlon

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Monday, May 01, 2017

Fancy Pants Designs card, 1912 Emporium, and Happy May Day!

Hello friends!  Happy May Day to you all!
It's another chilly, windy, rainy day here in Nebraska... but I have hope that nicer weather is around the corner. I actually saw the sun peek for just a minute.
I thought I'd share a Fancy Pants Designs card today.  Nothing like playing with cheerful papers to make your own sunshine!   I love these colors and patterns!

It's May Day and I am on a mission to keep May Day alive...but this year I am just not getting out to deliver May baskets.  I have been dealing with this toothache for so long it's just wiped me out.  After getting the filling I had pain for two weeks.  After talking with the dentist the decision was made that I needed to see the Endodontist and get a root canal. ugh.   So they call them to get me the referral.  The Endodontist called and the soonest I could get in was a week away! double ugh!  Well, it's been a LONG three weeks, but finally  my appointment is tomorrow.  I never thought I'd look forward to a root canal, but I AM!  I am "so" over this. Praying that tomorrow by this time I am pain free.

The May baskets above are some I made last year or the year before.

I have to share some photos with you from a fun shopping trip the girls and I made last week.  First of all we had a lovely brunch at Karen now home.. which was wonderful!
Then we headed to Wayne NE and took in a AMAZING new shop there called 1912 Emporium.
All I can say is I cant wait to go back.  If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen some of the photos I shared, but here are a few .

If you are on FB, be sure to follow them, and check out the photos and videos they have posted.

There are two big levels just packed with amazing things.

Lets just say, ... we had a lot of bags in the car on the way home. lol

What a fun day spent with the girls.  We will be going again soon.  I cant say enough great things about this place!  AMAZING!

Love these ladies!
I just snapped a quick photo of a couple of the things I got.

I'm in love with this butter dish.

I bought a number of things but ended up leaving some things in Karen car.  Like I said.... there were quite a few bags in there.   I will share those when I get them.

I'm hoping you will all stop back by on Wednesday as Catherine Scanlon, Nathalie Kalbach and I have some special things to share.   

See you Wednesday

Hugs, Vicki