Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Whatevers - "Be Sunny from the inside out"

I don't know where this month went, but here we are in the last week of "Whatevers THREE".   It has been a blast doing this again with Nat and Cat.   Our friendship goes back a long way.   We used to be on a Design Team together, oh... like 10 years ago or something crazy like that.  Nat was still living in Germany then but we all became great friends and met in person at CHA one year.  I  cherish their friendship, and I'm thrilled any time we collaborate on something.

Here is a video Nat put together back when we first started, that I love so much that I thought I'd share it here with you again.

Here is my page for this week.   Be sure to check out Nats and Cats, on their blogs

Nathalie Kalbach
Catherine Scanlon

I created the background with stencils, Glimmer Mist, stamps and paint.  The Title stamp is from Tammy Tutterow Desigsn, as well as the (blue design).  The blue was stamped on blue paper and then I cut it out.  Spellbinders  SBS-045 Big Fabric.

"Be Sunny From the insdie Out" Stamp.   Spellbinders SBS-038  "Be Sunny"

Have I mentioned that I love Tammy's stamps?

Here is this weeks photo as we would love to have you play along with us.
(personal use only please"

Remember you can play along and follow Whatevers on Face Book.

So.... since I'm house bound... I don't have anything adventurous  to share, I'll share a bit of what my adventurous kids have been up too. lol

Jarad and   Kate just got back from some time away with friends.  There vacationed at Tuttle Creek, in Kansas.
Hard to believe 4 years ago at this time we were setting up for their wedding.
Dan and I had told them long ago when they first planned this trip that we would watch the dogs, but with things the way they are here since the accident, that would have been very difficult. :(
I love having the dogs here so that was disappointing, but they got to spend time with their other Grandma and Grandpa.
She also got to spend time with Kate's nieces playing dress up. lol    Kate sent me this and I was laughing so hard.. It's like she's hanging her head in shame.    Jarad said, "Can you tell Riley relates as a boy not a girl?"  I think she prefers being a Tom Boy Cabin/River dog. lol

I sounded like Jarad , Kate and their friends had a great time.

Wes has had a guys trip to Utah to trail ride in the Moab Desert planned for  a long time.    I always worry about long bike trips, but I was thrilled that they took the bikes out there on a trailer, since there were storms in Colorado.

Being a mom, I always worry about the kids when they are "adventuring", but I'm also so thrilled they are enjoying life, and seeing our beautiful country.

Wes has been updating us,saying they are having a great time and sending amazing photos.

You can probably tell, I'm blogging from my computer instead of my phone.  Dans home today so I decided I was going to crawl up the steps to my studio. lol ( thank goodness they are carpeted).  My torso is still sore, but much better than a few weeks ago.  I could have never managed it then.   It's still not easy because the pins in my foot are rubbing on the inside of the boot I have now, and it's very painful.    Crawling up the steps and going down on my bum is defiantly not going to be a daily thing. lol  But I have done it a couple of times now.
I go  back to the Orthopedic surgeon on the 12 to have the pins removed.   I'll be glad to be rid of them.    Not sure what will come next..but therapy sometime after that.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me thru this and for all the prayers and healing vibes you have sent.

I just need some time and to practice patience.

Back soon



Nathalie Kalbach said...

Awe- I looooovee the page you did vicki - so beautiful and I love the photos of your weekend. Miss you my friend! So glad we got to do this this month together again!!!

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon said...

Your color combination is perfect, love all your elements too! So happy we had time to bring this back it was the perfect thing for May! Love you girl, hope your are mending and getting back to normal.

Anonymous said...

Love the post, love the stamp (I own it...duh) ahd love you. Just Remember BREATH
Just Breath! It will be alright soon and what do you mean, sticking with you, where the heck else would we be, Love!!