Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Whatevers - "Eat, Sleep, Beach, Repeat"

Here we are... another week of "Whatever's".  Again, please forgive me for my post being not quite what it should be. Since the accident I can't get to my computer up in my studio so I'm blogging with my phone only.  I'm just thankful I had my pages done ahead so I could still participate ❤️

Etta and Ethel loved their Summer trips to the shores with their family.  The year round folks always looked so forward to the girls arrival also. They were a couple of characters! They were known on the beach for being fun and friendly. Always up to something. They would sing and dance, even put on  skits for the regulars. In the afternoons they would sell sodas on the beach and in the evenings they were the first to build a bon fire. It was Summer living at its finest!

Please check out Nathalie Kalbach and Catherine Scanlon's blogs to see what they have created and what story they have come up with. If you would like to play along you can get the photo ( for your personal use) on their blogs also.  We would love to have you join us! You can also find "The Whatever's " on Facebook



Catherine Matthews-Scanlon said...

I love your story, so fun and sweet. The silly thing is they probably did skits and silly things like that all the time. Hope you are better, much love to you dear friend!

Anonymous said...

I just know you did those same things when you were young. It is so you. Hope the healing goes well love and keep up the good work!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

how beautiful is this!!!! Hope you are feeling better my sweet friend!

nannyj said...

Vicki, I hate that you are going through this. I pray for a speedy recovery. Love the whatever's, but miss the pictures and other cards you do. Love your work and praying for you.
Judy Griffin

Linda S. said...

Vicki, I missed hearing an update on your health progress, but at the same time I know you are doing the best you can without access to your computer. You are often in my thoughts and hopes for continued success with your healing. Take care.

Susan said...

Love the story and your project. Hope you are getting better each day!