Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Whatevers - "Home Sweet Home" Layout

Hey friends, I'm going to apologize a head of time  for my post. Luckily when we started talking about doing this " Whatever's" project I was excited and worked on my pages, photographed them and got them at least "into blogger".   A lot has happened in the last week. Tues morning I headed to Omaha for my long awaited root canal. After leaving my appointment, I started home.
 On the way home I was in an accident. Four cars involved, but thankfully no one else hurt.
Since then I've had two surgeries on my right foot. The seatbelt and airbags did their jobs. I am very bruised and very sore, but it could have been way, way worse. My family is great as always and have been there for us and have been such a huge help. We are now lined up with, a walker, wheelchair, toilet riser, shower chair extra. Dan has taken 2 weeks vacation to start and then we will see what we need to do from there. I may have to step back from some Design Team things during this healing process.  I can not get up the stairs to my studio.  I'm doing this right now from my phone.
Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Prayers and time will make this better❤️
Life on the farm was hard but they loved it. Always so many chores to do. Grandpa Joe though that taking time out of this busy work day for silly pictures was ridiculous. He was running a farm! He had things to get done!

Please check out Nat and Cats projects and stories on their blogs and you can also get the photo on their blogs to play Along with us. ( I usually post that here also but I will have to pass this week. Still trying to figure out how to do all this on my phone since I cant physically get up to my studio, sorry)
Nathalie Kalbach
Catherine  Scanlon.

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Nathalie Kalbach said...

I love this Vicki!!! So beautiful! I hope you are better soon! Huge hugs!!!!

Donna said...

Oh Vicki, I'm so thankful you survived and I wish you a speedy, successful recovery! It hurts me to know what pain you're in....amazing how life really can change in an instant!
Your featured layout is stunning, as always! Take care of yourself! ((Hugs))

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

How scary! Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Fun layout and story.

Phyllis B.. said...

Heard about the accident on Tammy's blog. Scary indeed! Wishing you a very quick recovery! Just concentrate on you, and no need to apologize for anything. Happy Mom's Day too!