Friday, June 02, 2017

Baby shower for Erin and Ryan .. and my sister is super woman

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd share some baby shower photos with  craft and decorating ideas.  Please bare with me if things aren't just right. I had the photos uploaded but I am doing all the typing from my phone. It's dealing me fits).
My sis and I have hosted a number of showers, especially over the last few years, so we've kind of gotten in the swing of it. We really enjoy doing it together! This time, because of my accident happening and me being in the hospital the day the shower was planned.... things were a bit different. All I can say is... my sister is Wonder Woman and my family is amazing!  My sis was on her own when it came to getting together all the food we had planned. She pulled of... in true Jan style!  I knew family
Would do their best to help and they sure did! I was so happy the family jumped right in and  was there to help her with getting it all out ,set up, decorating, serving, cleanup ect. They all just jumped right in! Erin's family too, of course!  They took care of the games also, which was so helpful!

Here are some photos my brother in law Keith took and sent me.  The shower was to celebrate the arrival of Erin and Ryan's baby girl.  This will me Jan and Keiths second grandchild. First girl grandchild.

Ryan and Erin

We started renting this clubhouse a few years back and found it to be a great place . Close and convenient For most everyone.
Luckily Jans and I are pretty good at getting anything we can... done ahead, so as far as the other things for the shower... we had them pretty much finished and ready. We had all the decor in plastic bins and ready to go.  Since we live in different towns, all we had to do was coordinator getting it all together. Wes had been driving from the hospital in Omaha ( and where he and Amy live) the 50 miles or so to our house to take care of our dogs, since dan stayed nights at the hospital with me.
When he was there, he loaded up the bins of shower stuff and brought it to my sisters car at the hospital ( where she had spent the night with me).
It's amazing what you can pull off when you need to! Lol

My sis had painted those darling bunnies, and I made the chalk board.
I make the chalkboard in the frame.

In my eyes ( and many others) my sis is not only about the most kind hearted person I've ever known but she can do almost anything! She is one amazing person!  Her latest achievement... losing over 50 pounds.
She had been my protector for as long as I can remember. She was 13 when I was born, so I was like her baby doll growing up. When I was little and she moved out of the house after college, I cried every weekend that she had come home to visit and had to leave again.
She is my best friend, my role model, mentor, listening ear, and shoulder to cry on when I need it.
I always know I can depend on her. She is a "constant" in my life. My security blanket ❤️

Like I said, the day of the shower family new the situation and jumped right in to help in my absence.

Boy, am I blessed with amazing people in my life!

Here are some close up shots of the mantel,


Below is a little framed image and a gues/gift list/ photo memory book I made using Tammy Tutterow's stamps.

I found this little pink wagon at a thrift sale and fell in love with it. We used it for cards.

*photo Credit: Keith Jenkins

Some of my sister cute things used for decor

I had made some little banners and pinwheels for the cakes.

And, like I said... my sis pulled off all the food we had planned.

They had a great turn out. I was sad I couldn't be there , and feeling bad for not being there to help, but boy, they did a great job! It was so cool that they could text me photos all day so that I could see the festivities even if I couldn't actually be there.

I was thrilled the shower went so well and thankful for having such an amazing family to jump
Right in and help❤️ What a great day to celebrate the baby girl we. Will get to meet next month!

I was bummed about not getting to see Ryan and Erin but so touch that they back tracked to come visit me the next day before heading. ask to CO. They are such amazing people and are going to be such wonderful parents!!

At this poimt I'm just going to post this and hope it all comes together into something you can understand lol   I will be SO glad when I can get back to my computer!!

I go back to the orthopedic surgeon a week from Tues to get the pins removed. Hooping for good news.

Hugs, Vicki


Lucy said...

The decor and the food - everything really - is so perfect for the baby shower. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Jean Moore said...

Very Lovely! food looked so yummy! Decor is sweet!

Anonymous said...

Your sister is beautiful. How could she not be? She is related to you!! I am glad it went well. So many new babies. Love it. Love the bunnies and the banners and the .............well the everything! Hugs and love and congrats to your sister.♥

HJ said...

It looks as though everything came off without a hitch and everyone had a great time. I'm sure they missed you, but it is great you have the pictures so you can see how everything turned out. I pray you are improving and get the pins out on your next ortho visit. Good luck to all of you.

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