Saturday, June 10, 2017

"Home Sweet Home" Stamp and Stitch using Tammy Tutterow Designs

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all doing great.  Things are progressing well here.  Not fast enough for me but I'm trying to be patient. ( emphasis on trying) . It's been six weeks since the  accident, and Monday I go back to the Orthopedic Doctor to get the pins removed from my foot. Excited to have them out, as it's another inch closer to recovery and walking...but I have to admit I'm a little apprehensive.  It just kind of makes my stomach flip.  Glad the screws stay in.  Anyway... things are getting better.  The extreme soreness in my chest and back from the seat belt and air bag has improved a lot! Not gone..but much, much better.   

I miss being in my room and crafting so much! I hope I get good news on Monday so I can start therapy and be able to do more.  The projects I've been sharing are projects I had finished and photographed before the accident. I'm glad I had worked ahead a bit.

 The stitched piece below  was done on a piece of canvas.  I stamped the image on canvas with one of Tammy Tutterows stamps (shown below).  After stamping , I used embroidery floss, and got busy stitching.  Oh, how I love hand stitching! I find it so relaxing.
It's getting harder and harder to find embroidery patterns these days, so I'm thrilled to know I now have so many options for designs to stitch, using my larger stamps.    This photo doesn't do this justice. The glass in the frame was giving me glare, no matter what I did. ugh!  But these stamps work great for stitching!

I decided to mist the edges with Glimmer Mist to make it stand out a bit. Making sort of a  mat .

Here is the stamp I used.  Home Sweet Home
As you can see if you click on the link, there are so many stamps that would make great stitching projects.

A helpful hint to hold your fabric down nice and flat is to use these Adhesive Sheets from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L.   I placed the double sided adhesive sheet down on the chipboard piece that fit inside the frame. I pulled the backing off (it's double sided) and laid my fabric down on top, smoothing and flattening from the center of my stitched piece out to the edges.  It works perfectly!

Nothing makes me happier then when my favorite little people come to visit.  Lyla and her new baby brother Henry were here last week to say hello. I am loving watching these two grow up.  I feel so blessed to have them living just a few miles up the road.   A lot of people see me posting photos of all the precious little ones  in my life and obviously assume they are my grand kids.  Truth is.. my kids don't haven kids yet, but the the parents of these kids and their grandparents are good at sharing them with me.
Lyla and Henrys parents are good friends of both our kids.  Andrew and Wes met in College.  Andrew and Kate ended up buying a farm just a few miles up the road from us.   Thankful everyday to have them in our lives.

Wyatt and Emmett ( who you see a lot of photos of here) also live just miles from us.  And Gabby, their mom, and Wes have been friends since the beginning of  High School.  
It's actually kind of crazy that none of us lived here when we first met,we all lived in other towns.  It just happen that we all ended up with in miles of each other.    I'm so thankful for that!   I adore these kids and their parents!

We had some really nice days this week, so Dan wheeled me out on the deck to enjoy it one gorgeous evening.  I've  only left the house two times in the last  six weeks ( and that was for doctors appointments) so this was really nice.  We've enjoyed  a number evenings our on the deck since then.
We stayed out there until long after dark.  It was a gorgeous evening!

Other exciting news this week.   Jarad and Kate have been looking for an acreage near the town that Kate teaching in and Jarad is on the volunteer Fire and EMS for, for quite some time now.   This week they purchase their dream place.   It's an old school house that as been added on and remodeled in to a gorgeous home.

We are SO excited for them!  It's SO  fitting for them.   They wont be any farther from us than they are now ( this mom says with relief) lol
They have now listed their current home for sale. Hopefully that will happen quickly.
They will keep their cabin of course. They love that place, and have so many good friends out there.

I am in LOVE with the windows and brick between the kitchen and living room!
They are thrilled about getting this place.

Boy, I wrote a book today. lol  If you got this far... yay for you. lol   I know some readers are just interested in crafts...and that's great, thank you for coming! I always try to post the craft first.  For those of you who have been with me from the beginning and enjoy reading about my "life stuff" and family... thank you!    I appreciate the comments from those of you recently saying , you look forward to the  photos and family update.   It's amazing how many people love seeing photos of everyday Nebraska.  Many who have lived in the Midwest at one time and how lives somewhere else.
When I first started blogging over 11 years ago now, I was mostly scrapbooking, and I could not understand why I would separate "family" and "scrapbooking", because in my mind they meshed.
Family was the reason I started scrapbooking.  And family is a big part of my life.  So, I continue to blog the same way I always have.

Whatever your reason is for stopping by , know that I appreciate you coming by!

I'll be back soon!



Linda S. said...

I always enjoy hearing about the personal side of your life and family, and seeing all the photos. Don't stop. I was happy to hear that your overall pain from the accident has lessened. So happy for the kids and their new home. Lots of exciting times ahead for them. Looks like a wonderful place to entertain, which I know they love to do. Take care.

Wanda Reynolds said...

Beautiful! Hang in there and glad you are a bit better!

Anonymous said...

Lome Tammy's stamps! Love what you did with them. You are blessed with some very good looking babies around you. I love love love the new house for the kids. It sure is pretty. And your pins coming out? Scary but progress. Catch me up after the appointment and let me know how it went,.♥

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