Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sunflower card - Tammy Tutterow and Spellbinders

Hello friends!  Kind of a quick post today while I'm up in my studio. It seems when I am up here, there are so many things I want to get done. One trip up here a day is about all I can do, so I work up here until I can tell it's time to go ice and elevate my foot.  I'm excited because after this week, I will be able to put some weight on my foot, while it's in the boot.  That will make things a lot easier.

This is a card I created with one of  Tammy Tutterows sweet Stamps, and Spellbinders Dies.
She has some great new smaller sentiments that I am in love with. I occasionally like to make so cards to keep on hand that I can just add a sentiment to the inside when I know who I am sending it to, and if it's going to be a Birthday wish, Congratulation, Thankyou ect...

Sunflower Bunch

A few days ago Emmett was here for a bit.  This kid is a hoot! He is the best medicine!   He's getting so big, and talking so grown up these days. He knows the routine around here, so I when I say something like... "I need to feed the dogs now", he says ... in his most exuberant  voice.  " I'll do it!"
Cracks me up!!

I feel like I"m on baby watch.  My great niece is set to arrive soon ( my sister Jan's first girl grandbaby).   My bestie, Julie's daughter is due, and this will be Julies first grandbaby!   Also Sandy ( Crafty Secrets)  daughter Holly is due anytime. (Sandy's second grandbaby).
Such a fun time. Excitement is in the air!

I hope you are enjoying the Summer. The weather here has been amazing!  So nice, in fact that I decided I was going to crawl around and weed  a bit in my flowers out front. Yes, I know it sounds weird, and I"m sure if anyone drove by, they thought .. What the?? ( actually I tried to just sit like a normal person would while weeding if I heard a car coming). lol   I hopped to the edge of the steps, sat down to get off the steps and then crawled along as I weeded. I didn't have the wheel chair out there, because I was just imagining someone stopping to see if I fell out of my wheelchair. lol
  Trust me, if it was gorgeous out and you had been stuck inside for almost two months, you might try it to. lol
It felt great to be outside and really good to be doing SOMETHING other than sitting inside..... UNTIL I started itching and getting red bumps like crazy.  CHIGGERS!     seriously .. no fun!
I don't know if Chiggers are common all over the US, but here in NE they are.  I actually thought "I hope I don't get chiggers" as I sat in the grass.  UGH!

 Just talked to my sis. Seems she's been out weeding also. lol  She has them also.
oh man.

Well, I hope you have a great "Chigger-less" day my friends!

Thanks, as always for stopping by!



Nancy Carroll said...

No chiggers in the N.W. (Washington), but i lived in S.W. Iowa for many years while growing up and i remember them from there. I guess it's just a midwestern phenomenon!

I read your blog but seldom comment. I'm so glad to hear you're getting around better--well, except for crawling around in the grass!! I'm sure this will be remembered as your least favorite spring and summer EVER!

Linda S. said...

How great that you were able to spend some time outdoors. We have had some perfect weather. Too bad about the chiggers! That little Emmett is just too cute for his own good!! I bet he is a good helper when he comes to visit. Remain strong, and pray for patience to not over do.

harrahx2 said...

What a doll baby that boy is and going to be a lady killer............ Love Tammy's stamps so much, want more when I can. Love your card and stay off the grass.

ekkie02 said...

Oh no not chiggers. Ouch! I relieved mine once with very cold spring water.

Catherine said...

Your card is so pretty, Vicki! I love the mix of textures and design.

Cathie ♥

Lin said...

I love this stamp, and your mix with the stripes is wonderful, Vicki! I haven't heard "chiggers" in a long time, so we mustn't have them here in OH........we did in PA, though! Glad to hear you're improving day by day - the trick is to be patient with yourself!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

This feels like summmer! I love the added texture from the burlap panel. Those stripes are fab! Glad you are feeling better. Have fun waiting for baby! xo

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