Sunday, July 02, 2017

ADORNit cards using Mini card size images / Cabin 4th of July Parade

Hello everyone!

I told you when I started using these paintable (and  also stamped images),   practicing with watercolor pencils, paints, markers ect.. that I would share along the way.  I  didn't start coloring stamps back when everyone else did, because I just didn't think I was interested in that as much as I was with other things in my creative world. Coloring tiny images while trying to master shading and blending , was truthfully kind of intimidating to me. Ok... REALLY intimidating to me. lol
But.... a few things have changed that for me.  First of all, I'm a lot easier on myself than I used to be. I  made myself to stop and think about why I really loved to craft in the first place. It's fun and relaxing.  Reminding myself that everything I do, isn't always going to be my best work, ..just enjoy the process.  *Trying new things help you grown creatively.
Then, along came these printed images and stamps that are larger and (in my opinion) much easier to color or paint.
So, as I try different things and learn, I'll share.  These images are from  ADORNit  mini coloring books.  They are printed on great watercolor paper! That is one of the things I realized right off the bat, that made a huge difference in my end result. I often used to stamp on white cardstock which was okay for colored pencils, but watercolor paper for markers, watercolor pencils, and watercolor paint works SO much better.   Like I said.. this is all new to me.  I'm just playing and learning.
These where done with watercolor  for the most part, but I with use paint, markers, pencils, chalk ect.. whatever mix of those I want.  No rules.
These images are card size so they pretty much stand alone. Just mat them and you are done.  They make great little note cards.

And so you know...... my sweet and talented friend Catherine Scanlon as a book with ADORNit with her beautiful floral images.  You can see it here
I'll be sharing some things done with her images soon.

I'll be sharing some things using her images soon.

I'm suddenly feeling kind of insecure sharing these. lol   I need to take my own advice and chill.  Everyone has to start somewhere.   My blending skills are certainly in the beginning stages.

Well, I did enjoy the process :)

My coloring looks so much better when the images are tiny thumbnails on my computer. lol


Today marks two months since my car accident.  I have been housebound for the most part, except for doctors appointments and a couple of therapy sessions.  Yesterday Amy and Wes invited us out to the cabin for the annual campground parade. The weather was great and I was ready to get out of the house. After about 4 hours I was pooped and ready to come home.  Baby steps, I guess.  I cant see it's going to take some time to build up my strength.     It was so nice to be out tho!
I have to share some photos from the day.

Dan and I didn't ride in the parade.  Sitting and taking photos was more up my alley this year. I just sat out on the deck , waved and took photos. lol

There's Amy and Wes
Kate ( with her niece) and her friend Megan.

Coming and going.

Even little ones. I don't know who she is but shes adorable.

There goes Jarad.

Amy and Wes.

I couldnt share ALL the photos because I took a lot! But you get the idea :)

I was thankful for a nice outing.

I hope you all had a nice weekend also!

Happy Fourth of July!

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