Friday, August 04, 2017

Five for Fridays with Tammy Tutterow Designs and a little trip.

Hello my friends!
Here is it Five for Fridays with the talented ladies from the Tammy Tutterow Designs.  You wont want to miss all the creative goodness so pop over to Tammy's blog here and check them all out, okay?

I'm going to share what I created this week with Tammy's matching stamps and dies first,  then below that , ( if you want to stick around :) I'm sharing some photos of the trip my sis and I took to South Dakota to to visit the people these baskets were created for.

To make the gift tags for these goodie baskets I used SDS-035 Posie Parts ( Stamp & Die Set).

It is a fun Stamp and matching die set with different flowers and leaves, as well as a pot.  You can put one in like I did, or you can add as many as you like.  If you click on the link above to take you to the die, you can see other samples using these.

I SO wish I would have taken these shots at an angle, because you can't see from these photos... how they were die cut and added to the tag with foam squares.   On a colored background they would have really stood off of course, but I loved the look of it  with the while edge on the white background when they had added dimension... it's just hard to see here.

The frame around it is  SBS-073 Simple Line Border
( the dashes are just pen marks I made :)

So... who are the goodie baskets for?  Well, my sis and I spent the past couple of  days in South Dakota visiting our last living Aunts and Uncle.  They are very special to us and all in their 90's now.   My moms sister, brother and sister in law.

Let me  tell you, after all this time stuck in the house after the accident I was sooooo ready for a little road trip.   My sis  offered to drive, and although I can drive now, I'm not probably ready for a 4 hour trip to start, so I was thankful she was kind enough to offer.  ( I'm her baby sister so she takes card of me... always!!!)  truth!!

It's hard to explain how we feel about this place.  It's our comfort zone.  It's were our family started, before moving to Nebraska.  My sis and most of my other siblings were born here in SD. We have spent many days here over our lifetime.  At our Grandparents and Aunt's and Uncles Farms, at family gatherings, weddings, funerals, and we attended every memorial day at the cemetery here. Our grandparents and many other family members are buried here, so our parents always made the trip here for Memorial day to Decorate the graves.  I remember my cousin playing taps on the trumpet at the cemetery when he was a kid in school, and  every year our Uncle Jake was one of the military guys, dressed in their uniforms who shot off the guns at the cemetery after the service. As much as I prepared myself each year for the loud BANG of those guns, I still always jumped.  I was always so proud that that was my Uncle.
Boy do I miss those days.  So many memories.   
It holds a special place in all our hearts.
My sis and I talked a lot about how much this place means to us and all the great memories that have  been made here over the years.

 Our Aunt has now moved to an assisted living, and really loves  it there.  It's so great to hear her talk about how much she likes it and how happy she is there.  Let me tell you , she 94 and sharp as a tack!
She was as school teacher all her life, and loved teaching.
I had made my sis a little "Grandma Brag Book" to take on this trip to share the photos of her grandkids.  She now has a Grandson and a Granddaughter. She showing the photos to my Aunt in this picture.
* I'll be sharing the little album I made her in an upcoming post.

We visited with Aunt Viv all afternoon, until it was time for her to go to dinner.  We usually take her out to dinner down town when we are there, but there is usually Jan and I both to help get her to the car and in to the restaurant... but at this point I'm lucky if I can get "me" in, using a cane... so we played it safe this time.

The next morning we had planned to go out to our Aunt and Uncle farm to visit.   On the way we always have to drive thru the town (which there isn't much left of) and go buy our Aunt and Uncles old house, the pool hall lol, and the building were my siblings attended school.

On the way we just enjoyed the country, and took in the sights.

It just couldn't have been a nicer time. The weather was beautiful! 

I told my sis... "The sky is SO blue and the grass seems SO green".  She said, "it IS gorgeous, but you have been pretty much in the house for three months, I'm sure everything looks especially great".
I hadn't thought of that. 
Everything was just beautiful!

You could show the photo below to anyone in my family and they would instantly know that this is the lane the leads to our Aunt and Uncles farm.   Jan and I talked about how we could just sit and have coffee right in the middle of the lane under that tree and be so content.

My Aunt Donna and Uncle Al are such amazing people! I admire them so much.  They are have always been such hard workers all their life.  Of course they farmed but they would also always raise a massive garden. They would cann and freeze so much, but also have extra produce to sell ... and always shared with family. wink wink
As I said, they  are in their 90's now, and although the garden is significantly smaller, they STILL have one! What?  Like I said..they are amazing.
Below my sis is showing them photos.
You have never seen anyone take care of things like my Aunt Donna. She has things from 30-40-50 years ago that are still in pristine condition.  She even has toys from not only when their kids were small, but from when she was a child.

I  always love seeing this photo on her wall.  It's of my cousin Craig ( their son) and I when we were   little , at my grandparents farm.  It just tickles me.

After spending the afternoon with them visiting, it was time to hit the trail back home. 4 hours to get me home and another 1 1/2 for my sis after that.  That time in the car always seems to go fast when her and I are chatting tho. lol

We headed home with our hearts full.  Again talking about how blessed we have been to have these amazing people in our lives. Thankful for all the memories this place stirs up every time we are here.

We laughed about funny stories that were talked about, and things that were mentioned that we had forgotten about, and how great it was to make even more memories.

 Blessed, just blessed


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I can feel your love for this place...and your family...such a precious post. And how clever are you to put together such cute little gift baskets. Love that vintage photo of you and your cousin. I'm so happy you got to do this! Big hugs!

Charlotte Croshaw said...

There is something about a garden. Once you start... hooked... no matter your age. I am sure your visit brought much joy and love to your aunt and uncle and they will be talking about you for days to come. Wonderful trip and togetherness with your sister. Thanks for sharing. Love your baskets. Love you. "Petey"

harrahx2 said...

Blessings everywhere you look Vicki! Life is good and we are lucky to have to much wonderful stuff happening. Travel back in time and just laugh. What a great way to spend tine. Thanks For Sharing!!! Love the tags on the baskets. They are adorable. And always love the Tutterow Stamps!!