Saturday, September 09, 2017

Baby Card using Scrapbook Adhesives by 3 L and Savoring Summer!

Hello friends!
Just me here, trying to savor every little bit left of Summer.  My accident happened in May so I feel like a missed most of Summer.  I didn't get to have all my flowers like I usually do, and I really missed that.  Since I've been able to get around more the last month, I have been really enjoying being outside.  I'll share a few photos below, but first I want to share with you this card I recently had up on the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L blog.  
This card is a shaker card I created using a disguarded  piece of packaging.
If you'd like to see how to create one yourself, you can see all the steps here on the Scrapbook Adhesives blog.

The weather has just been so nice here.  I feel almost guilty when I think of the weather tragedies going on right now in Texas, Florida ect...  
Boy have I been keeping them all in my prayers.
As I came home the other day I couldn't help but notice that the ditches were just full of sunflowers. That gorgeous yellow with the beautiful blue sky background was amazing. 
I have to say, it's been 17 years since we moved out of town to the country, and I still enjoy it more than I could have even imagined. 

My one and only plant on the deck this year.  Huge thanks to my sis for bringing it when I was still totally housebound.  I could always look outside and see it.   Having plants in the Summer is one of my very favorite things about Summer, so not being able to get out there to plant this Summer was depressing. This hibiscus  cheered me up many days!    

I couldn't miss this little dude hanging out in the yard the other day.  Praying Mantis are such interesting looking insects aren't they??  I was obviously pretty close to this guy, and I was totally intruded with how he'd turn his head to look at me.  ( I was just thinking ... "Please don't jump, please don't jump".   As long as he was slow moving, he and I were cool.

Just in case you are interested. Here is 10 Fascinating Facts about Praying Mantis

This week these amazing friends got together.  I cant begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have these four ladies for friends. 
We have all had a lot on our plates this pass year.  Some really great things like, Marriages and babies, but some not so fun stuff also. No matter what, we stick together. Group texts messages of love and support get us thru until we can be together next.  This week, since we have all had so much going on this Summer, we decided to get together, order pizza and just chat!   No craft project, no gifts, , no shopping trip... just visit.  It was perfect!
After being with these ladies I always leave with a full heart.

This pretty much sums it up

Wes's girl Amy's mom is at their place visiting this week from CA.  We plan to have them out here for Supper tomorrow night.  We are looking forward to that.   I have much of the food already made, just need to finished up a few things around the house.  But for now... bedtime.

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs all around!



HJ said...

Love this project. It is adorable. TFS Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Great card Cutie! Good to hear you are getting about a bit more and sending hugs and good thoughts!

Debbie K. said...

Great project, Ms. Vicki! I have been super busy and unable to visit for quite awhile. Still you are always in my thoughts. Hope you are doing well!