Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A thank you card using Catherine Scanlon Designs stamps from Art Gone Wild.

Hey friends! 
Today I'm sharing a simple thank you card I created with one of the beautiful flower stamps designed by my friend Catherine Scanlon.   
Over the years, working in the craft industry, I had must say that one of the best things is seeing your friends artwork being acknowledged and being shared with others.  My friend Catherine is an extremely talented artist.  I've know this for a long time. lol  Her hand drawn flowers are amazing!  
Now her designs are stamps that are available at ART gone Wild.

Cat and I have been good friends for a number of years.  We first met when we were on a design team together, probably 15 years ago now.    She was one of those people you meet and just know you are going to be lifetime friends with.

Over the years, we got to meet up and spend time together when we were working trade shows.

Some of these pictures so way back. lol

Cat even came to visit me here in NE, and we had such a great time.
I always wish we lived closer.

If you get a chance, check out Catherine's stamps at ART gone WILD.

More of her Designs HERE

Nothing better than seeing people you care about have good things happen to them.  Proud of you Cat!


We have been having some fantastic Fall days lately!  I snapped a photo from our bedroom window yesterday.  These are the days that make me love Fall!

I wish I could take the dogs and go for a walk.  Unfortunately my foot is not any less painful than it was before. After seeing my Orthopedic surgeon and finding out the joint is breaking down and filling with arthritis, the next thing was to be fitting for a brace.  This is a hard plastic, (in shoe ) brace. Oh.. like $500 worth. ugh

Two months of this to see if the pain improves at all.  If not, the only other option is to have surgery to fuse the bones together.  That I want to avoid  if at all possible.  So right now, I'm praying this helps, but it an I have not been bonding well at his point. :(

Oh.. did I mention I had to get $160 shoes for it to go in.  Ugh
I shouldn't complain.  If it helps, I'd pay about anything.

I thought I'd also share a photo challenge picture from this week.  This is Day one. I was nominated my Kathy Clement .  It's supposed to be a B &W photo each day for 7 days.  The hard part for me it that there is to be no explanation.  I just snapped this with my phone camera.    Trying to remind myself to just enjoy the process, the idea and they experience. I don't have to use my good camera  and try to take a prize winning photo. lol  Just enjoy the process sometimes.

Need a photo challenge.  Try this.... B & W photo, one a day for 7 days.

Thanks for coming by!  I'm hoping your week is going great!

Hugs, Vicki


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card and great B & W photo. Ughh on the foot pain. I HATE foot pain. Sending love.....and painless hugs.

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