Wednesday, October 04, 2017

"Dont ever let anyone dull you Sparkle" and Fall decor

Hey Everyone!
It's been a while since I have made a card with the ADORNit Paintable Sheets.  So today I'm sharing a card I created with one of the images.   If your not familiar with them, they are 12x12 sheets (different images), printed and watercolor paper. There are a lot of fun sheets with different themes also. You can see them all at the link above.
I just used Sharpies for the most part with coloring this image, with a Copic marker for the yellow and blue shadowing around the frame and words.  I wish you could actually see the "sparkle" in this photo. I added some Stickles, well... because of the saying lol.  Papers are ribbon are also ADORNit.

After the recent events in Vas Vegas I think think week I felt even more like staying in. My heart has just been feeling so heavy from it all. I finally turned off the news for a bit and ask Alexa to play me some relaxing music. ( yes, you can ask her that, and she does :) .
 There is something about "home", when you are just needing comfort and a feeling of security.  I have my Fall decor out and Fall scented candles burning. A time to just enjoy being at home and to be thankful for the everyday things.

I usually share some Fall decor photo here or my blog.  I just snapped a few with my phone to share.  I wish you could all share back. lol   But if you have a blog, and you share, please let me know.

I used to just get crazy with seasonal stuff, but I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, lazier, or just like less stuff, but I don't decorate seasonally like I used to.  This year, because of my foot, things are way less.
I do like a much simpler look these days, but I"m pretty sure I just put out less because it's  A LOT of work! lol

I used to have so many little things. Now I just put out my favorites in with my other dishes in the china cabinet.

I forgot to take photos out front, but I have some pumpkins, mums ect out there.
We spend more time on the back deck these days, so I have a few things out there.

It's defiantly Fall. It's really cooled off. Today was a gorgeous day!

Last week we had Jep ( Amy and Wes's pup) here while they were on vacation in the Black Hills.
For a couple of days this week Riley and Chloe ( Jarad and Kates pups) are here with Grandma and Grandpa while they are in Colorado to see a show at Red Rocks.
Today was a sweater day :)

Jarad and Kate at Red Rocks

Wes and Amy is South Dakota

So when Dan's at work ... it's me and the pooches.  I love dogs :)

We really only have two dogs, really lol
I wonder if people who don't know us but see my photos on instagram and FB, think we run a kennel.

I don't think there is such a thing. lol

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Anonymous said...

You gave me a great grin this morning girl. I love the pups in sweaters. I love your fall decor. I love your little card. I love you muchly. I will send pictures soon of my fall decor. Hugs