Tuesday, November 07, 2017

"Happy Anniversary" Card

Today I'm sharing an Anniversary Card I made for my Aunt and Uncle.  Not just any Anniversary, but 70 years together!!  Isn't that incredible?
This weekend Dan and I took a trip up to SD to see them and to visit my other Aunt who is in the Hospital. I have two Aunts and one Uncle left and they are all in their 90's.
I can't begin to tell you how special they are to me.

Dan had Friday off so we had a three day weekend.  Wes and Amy stayed here and held down the fort for us.  ( in other words... took care of our two spoiled pups). lol
It's about a 4 hour trip.  I have made this trip many, many times in my lifetime, as has the rest of my family.  Both my parents families are from SD.  My parents met , married and started their family there.
Over the years we visited there a lot.  Often when grandma and Grandpa still lived on the farm and then for years after they moved to town.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays and yes funerals/ It's a place filled with memories for my family.

Obligatory "lets start this weekend" photo in the car. lol

First stop to the farm to visit Aunt Donna and Uncle Al ( my moms brother).    I have never known they to live anywhere other than this. Everything about this farm house seems exactly they same as it did when I was a kid.  In this world full of constant change, I'm telling you.... these constants are so comforting to me.

After spending the afternoon with them, we headed to see Aunt Viv ( my moms sister) at the hospital.
She lives in an assisted living now, but recently has taken a couple of bad falls.  First breaking her hip and now her leg.  It sounds like she will be able to return to her place later this week.  That will make her very happy, as she loves it there.  I'm glad she can still feel independent there ,but also have help to get around and to make her meals.
Just like Aunt Donna and Uncle Al, she just keeps going!  I have so much love and admiration for these people. All in their 90's and they don't let much stop them.

When ever we are up  in SD visiting, it just brings back so many memories.  Boy, were we blessed with this family.  My dads family originated in SD also, but now most of them are gone. 

After we got home I was looking thru old photos.  I thought I'd share a few in this blog post.
Below is a photo from my Grandparents Anniversary back in the sixties. 
My mom far right.  Aunt Viv far left and Uncle Al behind Grandma and Grandpa.

The photo below was taken just after Dan and I were married and we had made a trip up there to visit.   In the photo: Aunt Viv, Grandma and I.  
Oh... how I would love to go back in time and sit in Grandmas kitchen and visit her again.

Here is a photo of my Grandma standing out in front of her house showing off her geraniums.
Grandma and Grandpa were farmers, but when they got older they moved to this house in town.
Small town (population 275) .

Great Grandma,. Grandma, mom and I.

And here we are.... they whole fam.    Back row left to right:  Dan, Gary, Jan, and Ray
Front row:  Donna , mom, dad, me, Sharon.
Yes, I came along as a bit of a surprise lol

I'm so thankful we got to make another trip up there before winter sets in. ( winters there are no joke).
It was always a joke between everyone that if we were there and Dad saw one snow flake fall, we would have to pack up and head home.  Dan and I laughed about that when we got up in the morning to snow on the car.  When we went to visit Aunt Viv again at the hospital  again before we headed home she said, "Boy, if it was your dad, he would have headed home after the first snow flake". 
94 and she doesn't forget a thing.

We both enjoyed our weekend in SD so much.  We talked about how nice it was to be there, people and places we love.  Small town, slower pace, and away from the news for a bit.
I think Dan was secretly happy  I didn't have cell phone reception most of the time. lol

Thanks, as always for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

the card is perfect and the photo of you and Dan is adorable! Love the old photos you shared. We are thinking of going home for Thanksgiving as I miss my family. Sending love......

Cindy Littler said...

I love the card. The trip down memory lane was wonderful as I am also a native South Dakotan now living in Utah. Your visit takes me back there also. Thanks