Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas star using Fancy Pants Designs and sharing photos from Winter Wonderland at Sycamore Farms

Hello Friends!
I thought I'd squeeze in on more blog post before Christmas. Wow, I feel like I lost a week in there somewhere.  Are you sure Christmas is actually five days away???   We will be having our Dunn family Christmas as usual on Christmas Eve, and then our kids and Amy's parents here with us on Christmas evening.  Really looking for ward to being with family.

I have a  quick Christmas decor project up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog , if you'd like to check it out HERE

This was done using the Fancy Pants "Holiday Hustle" Collection.
Such a fun collection.

I really wanted to share some photos with you of Winter Wonderland and Sycamore Farms.  It was a gorgeous day for December in Nebraska! wow! unreal.   This is the first year for this event but it is at the same place that Junkstock is held. 
Wes and Amy were planning to go and asked if Jan, Keith , Dan and I wanted to come also.  I had thought about it when I first heard about the event, because it sounded really cool, but I wasn't sure who much walking I would be able to do, (and most of all if there would be uneven surfaces to walk). My foot just does not do well with that.
It was such a nice day, that we hated to pass it up, so we met for lunch  and then headed to check it out. I figured if my foot couldn't handle it, I could always find and place to sit and enjoy being there.  But it turned out fine.  I did the most  walking I've done since the accident.. and did fairly well.

There was so many pretty things to look at.
Below is Amy and Wes by the entrance as we were leaving.
We came late afternoon when it was light  and then stayed until dark to see the lights.

There were lots of vendors and lots of cool things to check out.

Did someone mention Shiny Brites?

How about cameras?

And if you had any doubt that buffalo plaid was the in thing...

There were so many cute photo props.

I had to laugh because I was just taking a random photo and when I looked at it later, I saw Dan and Wes both in the picture.   This is not the norm for my husband lol  He usually does not take in craft shows with me.  OKAY.. Never! lol   But this was a bit different because there were other things beside crafts... and remember it was just a nice day to get out of the house.  I have to laugh though, as he looks lost. lol  Slightly out of his element :)

This is the farmhouse.  This photo doesn't do it justice,. but my other photo of the front of the house turned out very blurry.

There were six of us there, but only four of us where willing to have these photos taken.  I'm sure you can guess who would not partake in this silliness. hahah

It was a really fun day, with some of my favorite people.  Maybe next year Jarad and Kate can come with us.  This year they were hosting their "Friendsmas" at their cabin that evening.

I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!
Enjoy time with friends and family!

Hugs, Vicki

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