Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mini Felt stitched hearts and the best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever!

I thought it was time for a  bit happier post, and to share something crafty with you.  I had pretty much maxed my self out with stitching when I made all the larger felt stitched hearts I made a few weeks ago, but.....    I needed something to tie on these bags of cookies, so I did a few mini hearts.
If you like to hand stitch, these are quick and easy to make.  And.. if you like stitching and haven't stitched much on with felt, give it a try! You will fall in love! Felt is so easy to stitch on. ( hint, when buying your felt, spend the extra bit to get the heavier felt because it stitches like a dream).

I cut a paper pattern for the center heart, and then just add the layers and trim around them as I go.  The flower die is from AccuCut.  I use 3 strands of floss.

What's in the bags you ask?  Well, probably the best darn Chocolate Chip cookies I've ever made.  I found this recipe on Pinterest, just on a whim the other day.  On such a whim, that I didn't even remember to pin it, I just took a screen shot with my phone. ugh!
I'd love to give credit to the site if I knew it.  If I find it, I'll link it up, but until then the recipe is below.
This is the first batch I made to take with us when we went to SD. ( without food  coloring). 
The ones in the Valentine bags, I just added pink food coloring too before I added the flour.

                                           Chocolate Chip cookies

Do not over bake. The tops wont get really brown.  Lift one up with a spatula and if the bottom is lightly browned, take them out and remove from pan.  (Using parchment paper worked great for baking).   10 minutes worked great for my oven.
Store in a sealed container.

Well, if the cookies didn't get your interest, try a couple hundred cows in the middle of the highway, headed straight for you. lol     Yes, this is what we encountered on our rural South Dakota road trip last week.   It was crazy!
The rancher road up to us on his four wheeler and asked if we could back up and pull into a little drive way thing a ways back, and let the cows pass.  As we are backing up , they are running at us, and getting closer and closer. ( just on a mission to do as they were told of course lol)  It was something to see!

The were moving them from one field to another field across the highway.  Luckily its not a busy highway. We were the only ones.  It was amazing to hear how quiet they were. All you heard was their hooves.  The rancher said that keeping them calm is key.
I can cross that off my bucket list. lol

And, if that wasn't excitement enough, we also  saw the Corn Palace in Michell SD.   I had seen it once before as a teenager, but still interesting. 

The Corn Palace

A few facts I found about the Corn Palace

The outside exterior of the Mitchell Corn Palace is decorated with thousands of colorful corn cobs, grains and grasses. All of this is held together by tons of wires, staples and nails. Each spring, the creative murals of grain are replaced to reflect a different theme or event going on in the community. 

Worlds largest Bird Feeder  -  

The Mitchell Corn Palace is known as the biggest bird feeder ever invented. After the festivities of the Corn Festival have ended, the birds and squirrels begin to feast on the outside murals. They are fed all during the long winter months. Nothing goes to waste.

We had been in SD for a funeral of  cousin.  After being with our family there, we drove four more hours over to see our Aunt who has been moved to a different care facility nearer her son.  We adore our Aunts and Uncles and are happy any time we have a chance to spend some time with them.  Luckily my Brother in law Keith, is amazing about offering to be our driver. 

Although we had to said goodbye to  our cousin Cheryl, it was a beautiful service and being with our SD family always fills our hearts.

January has been a rough month full of loss for our family, but I am trying to focus on all that I still have to be thankful for .... and it's a lot.

 Hugs all  around!
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Margie Higuchi said...

So sorry for a not so happy January - hugs to you <3 I love reading about your adventure - Corn Palace, huh. Who knew! The cookies look amazing in pictures but top it off with your felt heart - BINGO! LOL! Have a good start to February, my friend xo

Anonymous said...

You have so much to be thankful for, a wonderful family and a load (boatload) of friends because you are such a beautiful person. Corn Palace is amazing and would love to see what else is on your bucket list, LOL.

HJ said...

So sorry for all the loss in your family so quickly. I hope the rest of the year is calm, peaceful and fun with the rest of your family. Your cookies look delicious. I'll have to print the recipe. The lucky recipients will love the cute hearts on the packages. Enjoy your day!