Friday, March 23, 2018

Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Sympathy card and some sharing.

Hey friends! As always, thanks for stopping by!  
Is is just me, or are sympathy cards hard to make?  Maybe it's because they you hurt for the loss the family must be feeling or maybe because you don't use bright happy colors?  Not sure, but usually if I would ever "buy", not make a card... sympathy cards would be it.
I think there is a way to still make them beautiful, and when they are handmade, that always makes it special and defiantly more personal.
This is the card I made for Wes's Chief at the police station, who recently lost his dad.
It's been a while since I pulled out my Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage stamps and images.
I miss CS and  really miss talking with Sandy numerous times a week. I wish Canada wasn't so far way, so I could see more of her.
Any way... still love CS images and stamps. This image has always been a favorite.

I am SO ready for Spring, so that image does really make me happy.   The image below.. .makes me REALLY happy!   Just after Easter, I'm going to be going to Florida to visit my sis and family.  I cant wait.  Wes is going also.  I'll be happy to have him along to help me with the airport, luggage ect.. because at times my foot is still a problem when it comes to walking very far ect.
See that spot I'm pointing to?  That's mine. lol    I cant wait to see sunshine, but mostly to be with people I love and miss.

I'm also excited to see the family at Easter. We will be doing our usual get together with my family.
I thought I'd share some of my bunnies today. I don't have loads of Easter stuff out this year...  but Bunnies... well they are out for all of Spring in my book.

The joke with these bunnies is .. I must of really liked them because I forgot I bought them at Hobby Lobby year before last, so last year I bought them again. lol  When I got all my Easter stuff out I found the first set.  Oh brother.

I love these three little bunnies my sis Jan gave me a few years ago. I have three little sheep this size also.
This shelf in our mud room has seemed so empty ever since I took the Christmas stuff down the first week in January. I couldn't stand it any more.  I have to smile every time I see pussy willows. They remind me of my friend Sally who passed a few years ago. Her parents always had them out at their place, so her dad would always cute some and  bring them to us when we were young mommas.  I always loved that.

Of course the dogs wanted to pop in and say hello.

Lily in her new dress and Lazy Daisy.

I have been running across some of the best quotes lately, and occasionally I share them here.  But I'm going to be doing that more often. Some quotes I've heard a million times and just seem so mundane, but sometimes they are just what you are needing to hear.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a fantastic weekend friends.



HJ said...

Love this vintage card. It is perfect for a sympathy card and I love the font of the sentiment. Your house is beautiful with all the sweet bunnies. I'm also crazy about quotes. I copy them and put them on the inside front of my cards when appropriate. I recently returned from a short trip to Iceland, where I found a great quote "I haven't been EVERYWHERE, but it's on my list". My hubby and I have been to 42 countries, which makes it meaningful to us. We also have friends who travel a lot and I thought it will be appropriate for the husband's next birthday card with maybe a globe diecut. Your place (pool) in Florida will be a great getaway to visit family. Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

We are so alike! I put my bunnies in the cylinder you gave me and I just adore them. I need to gt some greenery like yours, they would look better. And I have a quotes file on my Pinterest and I love, love love quotes. Words are so very powerful and profound when put together just so! Love you girl and jealous of the Fla. trip. Have a real blast and what fun to share time with your son!!! Making too many sympathy cards here also.