Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Fun new Tammy Tutterow dies and stamps to play with and it's stitching time

Hey friends!
I got a fun box of happy mail the other day, and I thought I'd share a peek with you. It's some new products from Tammy Tutterow. Stamps and dies.   You know I love her stuff anyway, but this new stuff is just over the top cute!  
When I opened the box I had to try cutting some felt with some of the adorable little flowers that come is some of the sets.  I was feeling the need to do a little quick stitching, so I glanced around looking for some thing to stitch "upon". lol  I found this canvas glasses case from Canvas Corp in my stash, and decided to make myself a new case for my readers. 
I couldn't dig into a huge project right at that time, so this was just perfect.  Super quick, easy and fun!   A great little project to help my get my stitching fix!

Here is a peek at some of the new stamps and dies.

Super cute, huh?   I LOVE them all!

You'll be seeing me use these babies a lot!

You can find them here at  Scrapbook.com 

You can also find Tammy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and here on her website 
or subscribe to her  blog for more inspiration.

She is one talented gal! 

Stitching that was just a short break from working on the scrapbook pages I am doing for hire.  I've finished another 50.
It kind of feels good to be using up a lot of old papers. I think we are all a bit guilty of wanting the newest, latest and greatest, but I was digging back in my bins of papers for working on these pages and there are plenty of great papers!
I have my newer papers in my racks.

 And my Fancy Pants Designs collections in 12x12 bins above.

But ... I  opened the craft storage closet in the hall and realized I had BINS of older papers ( cardstock scraps and stickers) that would still be great for these albums.   So... I opened up a big table in my craft room and set them all out so I could have a look see.  It's my mission to use up some of these papers for these pages. It's a shame they are all just sitting in the closet.  So, it's my new challenge to myself.
While I'm working on these layouts, I'm going to leave these papers our on this table for easy access.  I'll just have to close the door to my craft room so it doesn't drive my crazy.  I usually put  everything away after I work on a project but in this case it's ongoing... so it's silly to keep taking it out and putting it away.   

The grandmother who hired me to do these albums for her 9 grand kids is always just so tickled with them, that it makes me happy.
It's worked out well for me to be doing this right now.  I can make some money without having to be on my feet.

It's been hard not to get discouraged with this foot pain.  It will be coming up on a year May 2nd , since my car accident.  I had a compound fracture of my Talus Bone. Two surgeries, no weight baring for 12 weeks, then partial weight baring for 3 more.. then therapy. I thought that would be it.   But the pain never went away.   After seeing my appointment with my Orthopedic surgeon , we found that there was a non-union of the joints.  Meaning the joint did not heal and broke down instead.  Once the happened arthritis takes over the joint.

What are the options?  Fusion surgery. Where they would fuse the two bones together, since it's not a   joint that can be replaced.    I told the doctor that I wanted to give it a full year before deciding. I think in my mind, I just thought... "oh, it will get better", or the pain will probably be tolerable and I can deal with it.  At this point, I'm feeling like neither of those is working out  :(

Am I ready to start over with another surgery and  be laid up for another 3-4 months. No.  So ... I'm just trying to figure out what helps the most for now.
Just take each day as it comes, and try not to constantly complain.
Today the swelling it less... so that is a good thing.  I'll take that for now.

On an up note.... I am going to Florida the first week in April to spend time with my Sis and family there, so I'm super excited about that! YAY!

I hope all of you are doing well!  If you live where it's cold, I'm sure your probably looking forward to Spring as much as I am!  Bring it!

Thank for stopping by!  Hugs all around!


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Anonymous said...

Do the foot surgery fusion after your trip. It beats a lifetime of pain, honest! Hugs and love and enjoy Tammy's new stuff!