Monday, April 23, 2018

"Hello There" wood sign and random other things

Is it really Spring??  It sure hasn't seemed like it around here.  Finally the last couple of days has been nice, and I hope that means winter in Nebraska is really over.   This has felt like the longest winter ever!   Spring weather popped in just long enough to make us think it might be here to stay and then .. poof, gone. I have my fingers crossed this time is really it.  I'm sure this past winter seemed extra long any way because I spent most of last Summer inside recovering from the accident. 

They other day when I pulled in the drive, I thought... man our house looks like IT has the winter blahs too!  I was thinking I really need to go thru my wreaths and such in the garage and see if there is something I can hang on the house by the front door. hmmmmm

Instead I went in and pulled this blank wood piece out of my craft closet, along with some paints and stencils. It will do for now :)
It's about 1.5 by 2.5


It's hard for me to believe May 2nd it will be a year since the accident.  I was sure  hoping things would be different. That I'd be walking better and with out pain.   I have what is called non-union of the joint, Which means  just what is sounds like. The joint did not heal. When it doesn't heal, it starts to fill with arthritis . Unlike knees, hips ect, these joints can not be replaced.  My only other option is fusion surgery. I did not want to spend another Summer inside so I will probably be having the surgery this winter. Doc says that waiting will not do any more damage.
I am thankful that the injuries where not worse! Very thankful!  And thankful no one else was injuries!  So I should not complain.  
I have been trying to get our each day for a little bit and walk the dogs, ( and myself) lol.
The country road is too uneven for my foot, so I have been going up the road to the  cemetery.  It's a  very sweet, small town cemetery. I can go at my own pace and not worry about cars.  Our house is just up the road a bit past that grove of trees.
This beats walking a track at the gym any day!

Friday this little buddy came to visit.  They are getting ready to move to a new house, so his mom and dad were in Omaha appliance shopping and big brother was at an overnight Birthday party.
These kids are growing up so fast! I cant believe he will be in Kindergarten, and Wyatt in 6th grade!
I'm eating up all the time I can, before they are took busy with school, sports, friends ect.. for this old lady. lol  We watched movies later in the evening and had popcorn.  I guarantee Lily was loving every minute also!

My hubby went into town to get his car serviced and come back with these.  hmmm  Don't know  what I did to deserve them ..but no complaints :)

Since everything about this post is pretty random, I'll just toss in something else lol
I always like to share with others, if I find something I really like.  I'm not saying everyone will like it. .. .we all have different tastes, but I thought I'd share something new I really like.
I had  tried these when they first came out and wasn't crazy about them but I'm wondering if they changed them over the years because I really love them now.
A great snack if your wanting something crunchy, and watching calories or carbs.

 This blog post couldn't be more random unless , oh maybe a shared a video of me dancing a jig or something . lol   I will spare you that!  I couldn't dance a jig if I wanted too anyway, so you're safe.

Hugs, Vic


Anonymous said...

Love the random! That sign is beautiful! I understand about surgery in bad weather while enjoying good weather! I just want you out of pain. Beautiful Flowers, thank the hubs. He cheered you right up and brought some spring home. Good man. Sending hugs Vic.

Vicki robertson said...

A delightful random read aside from the pain you’ve had. You have the tenacity to “craft” your way thriugh it all with such grace. And, I enjoy Veggie straws and chips!