Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Live in the moment. Sharing some cards

Hey friends!
I'm hoping you are all doing well, and enjoying some nice weather.  I am just loving having some sunshine!  I used the last couple of rainy days to get my creative fix and make some cards. 
After going thru my craft room, doing some major purging and organizing, I just fell in love with Crafty Secrets images all over again, and I said in my last post.
Today I thought I'd share a few more cards I created with some of my favorite CS images.
I really didn't plan for them to be all "Bird" images lol. I must really be in the mood for Spring!
Well actually I think CS bird images are just at the top of my list of favorites.
It's always to amazing to me, that with just these images and some random scraps of paper, you can make something so pretty.  The images seem to just stand alone... to make the card.

This image is just the sweetest, isn't it?

Another favorite.

Sandy's attention to detail was just amazing with these images ( and stamps).

So, on the  sunny days... I am LOVING being outside.  Spending all last Summer basically "inside", after my accident, just makes each day now even sweeter.
I love my outdoor plants, and spend time just sitting out on the deck enjoying them.
I can't begin to tell you how chill I've become since stepping back from my Design Team  commitments.  I believe it's true that everything has it's Season. Being on DT's was always a great way to keep stretching my creativity with new assignments and new product.... and the amazing friendships I made  being on DT's, were wonderful.. but now... it feels so great to have more time to just create when the mood hits me.  Not to be committed to deadlines.
I love being creative, but I'm also remembering that I love all kinds of other things too. There is something to be  said for taking walks, reading books or just sitting and chatting at a friends. I did these things before, but I don't think I totally took time to enjoy them like a  do now. Being present in the moment, not always thinking what needs to be done later in the day.
I'm taking time to take care of myself.   Working on being healthier. Loosing weight.
It feels good.
When I  have a difficult time doing all the things I did before the accident, and look down at my swollen hurting ankle... I remind myself how much better this Spring/Summer is than last year.  My accident was a year ago this month.  I certainly thought things would be different.. that this joint would have healed properly.. but it will be ok.
Thankful for my husband who carries the laundry upstairs for me now, gets things down with the ladder, because I can't climb it, and million other things . Thankful for the friends and family who are willing to walk slower and sit and rest when I need too.  And even thankful for these crazy dogs who who seem to understand that our walks have to be shorter and slower.
Man...  I am so blessed

remember to....

Thanks for sticking with  me friends.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Vicki, I hurt for you. I hope you are going to get the surgery and get this over with once and for all. The card about God sent Me You is so perfect for how I feel about you. You are special my Vicki and you should not hurt like this. Sending prayers for the surgery to heal you with God's hand too! I know you don't want to go through more but if it stops that swelling.....well, it will be worth it. Do they think the surgery will fix the problem? Love your cards and love to you! You know, Kathi hurt her leg when she got run over by dogs and she is till dealing with it also. I hurt for both of you!