Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Sharing a card and memories

Hello friends!
I've been really digging in and doing some organizing and purging of my craft room this past week.  Defiantly realizing that I tend to keep anything craft related.. sure that someday I may need it! lol 
Time to narrow things down a bit.
I've really been a crafter all my life, but in about 2000 it became more than a hobby.  I've loved traveling, teaching, and designing, and most of all meeting amazing people and making new friends. It was something I never imagined myself doing. I was so blessed to have people to believed in me and my abilities. (usually more than I did myself). 
As I was going thru all the things in my room, it sure brought back memories.
I will always be a "maker". Its' something I just have to do.  Life has different seasons, and we seem to know when we are needing change.  These last couple of months have been bitter sweet for me. I knew I was ready to step back from my Design Team requirements and have more open time for ... well.. whatever :)   It was something I've been thinking about for some time but still, it was hard to actually do.
As I was going  thru the things in my room and organizing.... I looked at the products from the companies I had worked with over the years and realized even more ,why I loved them and worked with them for so long.  They were owners who worked so hard to put out amazing products and are just genuinely good people!!  Two that stand out are Sandy Redburn (Crafty Secrets owner), and Jodi  Stanford (Fancy Pants Designs owner ).  I can't thank them enough for the opportunities they gave me. Amazing people!
As I went thru things... those were the products were some of the  main ones I kept, and will continue to use.
I  sat down last night and created a card using Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage images.. and it was like coming home.

I am defiantly NOT giving up crafting.... but stepping back from things and just creating what I want, when I want is going to be so nice.
I sold and donated so much and still.......

And yes, it still over flows to the  upstairs hall closet.  I was kind of disappointed that, after getting rid of so much ... it really didn't look like I had.   I guess it's because all the bins are there, they just aren't as full. lol  Since I'm not teaching, I don't need 20's and  30's of everything.

It feels good to have king of "taken inventory" of the things I have.  That way I'll remember to actually USE them. lol

I was looking thru old photos of Trade shows and teaching to share here, and boy that was a trip down memory lane, all it's own.  Some of these were even before digital

Above, Fancy Pants Designs (Trade Show)

Below, and Amazing teaching cruise with Crafty Secrets

Trade show Class
So thankful for all those experiences!

I also realized that as of last month, I've been blogging for 12 years!   I will continue to blog. It's just part of what I do now.  lol


So back to the present.   We had some crazy storms here last night.  They had been saying we were  going to get some nasty weather for days, so we were keeping an eye on it.  I was working up  in my room when I noticed it start to roll in.


Dan was at work., but I was getting radar updates from him and both boys.
Jarad send me this photo from there place

This photo was taken and posted by Haylea LaMar, on Facebook.  It's just a couple of miles up the road from us.    Trust me, at this point we were taking cover.

Wes and Amy were at the cabin.  I love this photo Amy took of Jep and the storm rolled in.

And Wes got this one as it was passing.

It was a bit scary, but passed by without any tornado's touching down.  Some had damage from Hail.
Thankful it was not more serious.

This saying seemed fitting to close this post with

Thanks, friends, for stopping by and letting me share.


CutOuts said...

Crafty Secrets where where I first found you. So glad for having found you both.
You continue to inspire me. Maybe I'll even clean-up a little :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Vicki, I don't know how long I have been with you but I know it is a long time! I love your blogs with or without crafty stuff. I love you! I feel we have a special connection that makes you my Vicki and always will. I am glad you are giving yourself some "let's clean out and step back a bit" time. We all need it. I am going to be doing the same thing soon! As we get older, life gives us new opportunities every day and we just need to be free enough to enjoy them. I worried about you and will continue to do so because of the storm predictions for your area. Stay safe, keep the pups close and know how very much you are loved, today and always!

Debbie K. said...

Ms. Vicki, I haven't visited your blog in so long....Have been so busy taking care of family and dogs. I've loved seeing your creations, your family parties and all the great photos you post. If I had the time I'd be purging! One never realizes how much they have stashed away and the years slip by so quickly. Good for you that you are taking more time for yourself. When we had hospice for my father, the nurse said to us, "Life should be about having fun". I couldn't agree more. Big hugs to you...