Friday, July 27, 2018

Bumble Bee's and Summertime

Hi friends!
I'm still trying to figure out where this past week went,.. so bare with  Wow, the Summer is going way to fast for my liking.  I'm trying to slow down and spend as much time as I can outside, especially these past few days that have been so nice.  I feel like I spent so much of last Summer inside recovering from my car accident.   We had so many plans for home projects last Summer that all ended up being put on hold after that.  This Summer was most certainly filled with projects to be tackled.  That didn't work out so well either.  Dan ended up with a very bad bronchial infection that really wore him down. He hadn't even gotten over that and ended up getting Shingles.
I think his is finally on the uphill, thankfully.
So.. if there is one thing I keep reminding myself, it's , "one day at a time".

The other day when it was so nice out, I did take some paper and stamps out on the deck, for a little relaxing craft time.  This is one of the cards I made, using Tammy Tutterows, stamps and dies from Spellbinders.  I love this little bee!

All the separate little Bee pieces go with the stamp set.  I stamped it on the white cardstock first, but then made the bee with the die cut pieces of yellow and black. I stamped and die cut the wings out of vellum and then added the Bee on top with foam squares for dimension.

I had just a few photos I wanted to share with you from my little town, but then  Amy and Wes asked us out to the cabin to see the work they have been doing out there... soooo... now, I have a number of others to share. lol

If anyone ever leads you to believe that Nebraska is boring and isn't pretty, don't believe them.

The photo below is a garage that sits just across the street from the post office. I love that his guy appreciates cool old things., sets them out so we all can enjoy them.

When I'm heading up the road into town, I always love this place. The horses must have been back in the shade.
And just up the road from us is a new addition.  I've shared photos many times of the Alpacas... but now there a new baby. I'll try to get a better photo of him next week.

Like I was saying, we ran out to the cabin to see what Wes and Amy have been working on.   Dan and I just don't have time or energy to put into the cabin anymore, but it's nice to see the kids taking an interest now.   Jarad and Kate also have a cabin just down the road from here. They have completely redone their cabin over the past few years.

It's gorgeous out there, and it has served us well over the years.  Lots of great memories  made with family and friends.  When the boy were young it was a great place for them and their friends.
Since our move to our house now ( in 2000) out of town, we have our hands full with mowing ect..
Cabin yard work also, is just too much.   For now, the kids have more energy for that stuff.

Over the past couple of years, Wes added this little deck, painted and planted all kinds of things.

He did a lot of trimming out by the river also.
( He is now on two kinds of meds and cream, along with a  shot, to help him with the massive  posion Ivy outbreak!!).

Nice to see new life being breathed into things out there.
Today they just got the new sofa sleeper out there and were getting out the new lamps ect.  The cabin is not very big, so you learn to utilize every little bit of space.

So happy to see the kids enjoying the cabin this Summer.


By no means am I ready to think about giving up Summertime yet!

I'm hanging on to it as long as I can.

Thanks for coming by and letting me share our everyday lives.

I've actually been crafting a bit also, so I'll be back soon to share.



Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Dan has had such a tough summer. Bronchitis and shingles back to back is enough to wear anyone down. At least you have your lovely back deck to retreat to! I l love your happy little bumblebee card, Vic! The layered image with the dimensional wings is so sweet! I also love that photo of the old gas station! That one needs a frame. I always enjoy seeing life through your lens! Lots of love and hugs! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Shingles are horrible! And poison ivy? Yikes! Love the new alpaca and the scenery. Tell the kids it's time they did it all for the cabin. Tell Dan to take it easy. It is just too much work. Maybe get him stamping and coloring. Help him relax! Your card is so sweet and I love all Tammi's stamps. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Loved them all Vic.

Debbie K. said...

Oh my gosh, Ms. Vicki! I'm so sorry to hear Dan has been thru so much! Your bumblebee card is adorable. Happy to hear your kids are working on the cabin. Looks amazing. Hoping the rest of your summer goes well. It's gone far to fast!!! Big Hugs....

Vicki Chrisman said...

You are so sweet Debbie, thank you!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Yep.... the cabin stuff is the kids now. We have enough to take care of our here. Dan is finally getting his strength bad some.

Vicki Chrisman said...

Oh Kath, you are a gem ❤️ I feel like I’m in another world lately, since I quit all my DT’s. It’s strange! But enjoying no deadlines 😉