Friday, April 26, 2019

May Day Baskets

Hey friends! May Day is just around the corner so I thought I would share some little Peat Moss baskets I made. If you have followed my blog for some time you know I make a sightly different version of these every year.

 Tammy Tutterow’s Fun little flower dies from the Crafters Edge worked perfectly for dressing up  these baskets.
 I just picked up some Peat Moss  cups and painted them with a quick coat of white chalk paint. You can either make a wire handle or use a piece of grapevine wreath, which is what I did this time.. I painted some little wooden eggs that I had found at hobby lobby and added those along with some Spanish moss to the inside of the cups. I had fun decorating them with some diecut felt flowers using Tammys dies and a bit of ribbon.
I, for one, I am Doing my best not to let May Day  pass by unnoticed. It was always such a fun time as a kid , and now a treasured  memory of my childhood. I love it!

Today I gave these to the girls when we got together for lunch. I did it today knowing I wouldn't  be able to actually drive around to deliver them on May 1st.  FYI, I'm SO ready to have this cast off!
I actually get it off next Friday, but then I will have another month of (no weight bearing ) for another month.

I guess I was so happy to be out of the house and socializing that I forgot to make photos. lol
But here is the corner cafe in my little down.  We are so thankful it was spared from the flood.


While we were in there I saw this photo of the Corner Cafe back in the day.  
Yes, it's on the "Corner", so this photo is from the other side.
It still feels like your stepping back in time when you are sitting inside.  But boy to I wish I could step right in the  photo below! cool!

It was a great visit with the girls,  It was Dan's day off , so he dropped me off and helped me inside with my scooter and then did the same when we were done.  Of course sis offered to pick me up and take my home, but Dan can load that scooter in and out of our car in a flash at this point. lol 
Lots of practice.

In case I'm not able to squeeze in another blog post before May Day, I'm wishing you a wonderful May Day now.  
If you get a chance to make someones day with an unexpected May basket... do it! Trust me, they will love it.  Even if it's a Dixie Cup of popcorn and M&M's with a pipe cleaner ( oh I mean, chenille stem) handle, like we received as kids!  It's still fun! 


I know Chenille stem is the proper term now, but I had to look it up to see if there was any difference.  If your interested in some random information that you may never use again, read below. lol


Pipe cleaner - Wikipedia

A pipe cleaner is made of two lengths of wire, called the core, twisted together trapping short lengths of fibre between them, called the pile. ... Chenille yarn is made in much the same way, which is why craft pipe cleaners are often called "chenille stems". The word chenille comes from French meaning caterpillar.



HJ said...

What a cute way to celebrate May Day! So glad to hear you are about to lose the cast. Enjoy your weekend.

Jane Harrah said...

I used to love making crepe paper cups with chenille handles filled with little bits of sweets for May Day! Must do it again. Did I tell you I am having hip replacement on May 6? I will be laid up for a while so if you don't see me chatting, that is why. Hugs and love and good luck with the cast off! Love your little baskets!

Debbie K. said...

Your baskets are adorable, Ms. Vicki. Your friends are so lucky to have someone give them such sweet gifts! Take care.

Denil Wolter said...

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