Sunday, December 31, 2006

Inspiration abounds

Don't you just love it , when you see something that just inspires you? Well, saw this hat box set at Bayberry Cove and it got me thinking. (really late last night!) Seems that for some reason, ideas come to me when I'm up late, I don't know why. LOL
Anyway, as you can see , those hats are Big, but I decided to put a spin on my ribbon spool album idea, and make it into a hat.
The new Craft Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Papers were perfect for this project. The only problem was , there were so many that would have looked so great on this, I had a hard time choosing! (oh the dilemmas!) LOL

I just used a deeper spool center, a bigger bottom and smaller top.
All of the photos are of my brother-in-law Rons, family. His Grandmother, Mother and Aunt.

It was a fun project... I cant wait to make another one with different
papers and photos of my Mom, Grandma and sisters.
I was thinking , you could always leave the hat empty and fill it
with goodies for party favors. Mints, for a shower ect...

We are home bound today, snow and ice. I just talked with my family, and we have to re-schedual Moms Birthday party to Next weekend. After talking with Ray(brother) and Jan (sister), and finding out what the weather is like in York and Lincoln,...there is NO way and of them from Lincoln or York could make it. They had an inch of ice first ,and then almost a foot of snow. It is certainly not worth risking lives. We have rescheduled for next Saturday.
Well, if nothing else...My house is clean. LOL

Well... Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Neely's moving day

Check out the girls new pad!LOL We helped get Neely( neice) moved into her new apt today. It is such a cool place. She had the top floor , right up there where those cool windows are! The inside of this place is just absolutly gorgeous,and you would not believe the HUGE closets. OH, the closets alone... have the girl, just thrilled! LOL
The window and the woodwork, were are so cool! I wish I could have gotten better shots, but it was a GLOOMY day. Misty and rainy off and on, but for almost January... Really good weather!
Neely was so sweet ,and thanked us dozens of times for the help. ( I reminded her, that she helped us move too) Her friend Rob helped us this morning before he had to go to work. Neely's boyfriend had gone home for the holidays, so Keith and Dan did all the big stuff,and us girls ran up and down the stair a couple billion times! LOL

It's just a CUTE place ,and she is going to have so much fun, setting up her place. The closets and storage is just insane... I've never seen anything like it. The picture above is entering the kitchen and the one with the windows looking onto the trees, is the windows you see at the top in the middle of the outside of the house shot. (the living room)
Blow is ust one of the closets. The picture I took of her clothes closet didnt turn out, but could literally be a bedroom, and has three built in wardrobes in it, and a window!!!

Jan, Keith and Neely , took us to lunch at "Upstream", so we sat and chatted a bit , to recharge for the last loads. The food was yummy, and the conversation, as aways... great!

Also wanted to say
Congradulations to the 2007 Fancy Pants Designs Design Team....
just announced!

I cant wait to see what everyone does with the the awesome FPD product, and to get to know everyone better!

Vicki Chrisman
Heather D. White
Jeri Hoag
Lisa Garay
Greta Hammond
Cari Fennell
Michelle Clement
Amber Tosh
Holly Pittroff
Cindy Tobey
Dena Coe
Amy Peterman
Emeline Seet-Ng
Beshka Kueser
Shirley Chai

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Happy Birthday MOM

Today(Friday) is our sweet ma ma's 85th Birthday!!! We are doing a card shower for her and then a family party here on the 1st... but wanted to say "Happy Birthday to her on her Special Day!"
Hey, maybe I should have her wear this altered party hat, I just finished. I never thought of that! Oh... if you know my mom, you would know that there is NO chance of that. Let's just say, I did not get my outgoing personality from my mom. She is pretty reserved. I dont thing this hat would be her thing. LOL
Actually, I needed to go into Omaha for some supplies on Wed so Paula came with me. (I picked up a party hat while at Manglesons, so I would have a templet) I knew my time would be tight, but atleast her, riding with me , gave us time to chat. Always fun to talk ARTSY stuff with her!

It's been so darn busy around here, (and probably will be until after CHA), that I didnt even get a chance to post here yesterday. Did you think , I forgot you? LOL

Today, I got to see someone, I havent seen for a long time, and it was so nice! James was a good friend of Wes's all through Junior High and High School,and was like another son, he was around so much. He now works and lives in London, so we dont see him very often. He is home for the holidays and called about stopping out. He and I laided out some things he is working on , with Photos of London,and memorabillia that he is framing. REALLY nice to spend some time and catch up with him! Great way to start the day!

Tomorrow we are going to Omaha , first thing in the morning to help Neely get moved to her new place. I need to get myself to bed, so that I dont start the day off tired. Too many late nights and early mornings lately. Whew!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

yes there is MORE...

Well, today, was just playing catch I havent worked on any projects. So... twist my arm and I'll share more pictures from Christmas. LOL I just cant stop , because I want to share them all for my far away family to see, and this is the quickest, easiest way to do it, so... MORE pictures. This is the last ...really LOL

Jarad...playing alittle pool with his brother.

Geezzz... we never have any goodies..can you tell?
yes..those are moms date pinwheels and sourcream cookies. Are you drooling yet?

CUTE little Kirsten!!!
Amy and John

Jayvier, wanted that microphone to work... SO BAD!!!!

Lynsay and Kirsten were buddies! I think that is my favorite thing about the Holidays, is watching the cousins who dont get to see eachother often, spend time together. It's those moments ...when they are just talking and playing all by themselves , that I love to see. This family is SO BLESSED!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas with the family

I have lots of pictures to share with my family, so bare with me, okay? LOL Christmas Eve was a great time. Here are a few pic's, in two different posts.

Jan, Keith and Mom, taking in the gift opening.

Mr. Photogenic... Nathaniel! (sister Donna Grandson),(Brent and Dianas son)
Well, I was trying to explain what Holiday's are like with a big family. Here is a quick picture of the bunch, ( not even near everyone), so you can see there is a bunch of us.
I love this Picture of Brad and Griffin. We had an announcement .... Brad and Kiley are engaged! I posted a photo of her ring below.

The goodies were EVERYWHERE... OH MY!

We were SO SO Thankful at Ryan was able to make it back for Christmas. It was so great to have him there. The Black and white Photo is Neely and Ryan (sister Jans kids)

Everyone got such a kick out of watching the kids, mess around on this program on Neelys' computer!

(more pics below)

Monday, December 25, 2006


I have so many photos from Christmas Day and Christmas Eve , that I want to share with my family, I'm going to have to do it in a couple of different posts. When there is so many in a family , you just have lots of pics to share...what can I say. LOL

You're probably wondering what everyone is finding so interesting on the computer screen. Well Neely pulled up this program that would distort your face in different way, and it was hystarical! The kids were having a ball, and laughing there head off. The adults were standing behind and they were getting quite a kick out of it too.

It was so fun to see them all laughing and having such a great time together!
Nathaniel, Lynsay, Mathew, and Sean. (That's Wes trying to get his face in , in the back) LOL
I love this picture of Brent and Wes.

Late last night , after we got home ,for the "Big"family Chirstmas, we opened our gifts here.... So it was REALLY late, and we had plans to go into moms in the morning. Not much sleep... and LOTs of good food.... and little sleep dont work well together. I yawned atleast a hundred times today. It took everything I had , not to come home for a nap! LOL
We had lunch at moms today, (Christmas Day) . It was so nice to get to sit down and vistit with her, with the Boys both home. They think the world of their Grandma , that's for sure!
We spent the afternoon at moms, then the guys had plans to go to the cabin and ride the 4 wheelers.

I was invited over to Schurcamps for dinner. (yes more food!) It was really nice to get to see all of the Harris Family. Prime Rib...fixed by Jim and all of the wonderful fixing...topped off with Crème brûlée , thanks to Penny! I had such a great time with them...what fun people!

Now , that is one HUGE chunk of meat, huh? Penny and Jim, worked to gether in the kitchen to make this fantastic meal for everyone! Thanks Guys!

Penny set a beautiful table! It was so nice and relaxing.

Now I'm home, in my comfy jammies and ready for a good nights sleep! Whew... I feel like I've been constantly FULL for the last 24 hours! LOL

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Let the Festivities begin

That a wonderful evening we had a the Novaceks last night!
Tom and
Becky were just the perfect host and hostess, and everything was BEAUTIFUL , as you could imagine with Becky in charge. The appitizers were exquisit! yum! She is such a detail person... every little thing pretty!

Here are a few shots of the evening , and Miss Bec's beautiful home decorated for the holidays. I know I just keep going on about how beautifully she has their home decorated for the holidays, but trust is just GORGEOUS!
So homey and welcoming!

The photo below is Deb, Becky, Ruth and I.
This is Becky's sweet, Ma ma Peg , sister Sherri and daughter Brooke. It was SO good to get to see them.

I I was so excited to meet this person! When I was doing my RAK , One of the people who threw their name in the hat was KATHY. It was so fun, because when I got the email from her, she said something like , "you dont know me, I just stalk your blog,... I'm a friend of Becky's". LOL I did recognize her name, from hearing Bec mention it, over the years....but it was just so cute! Her and I joked about being old it seems she felt like she knew alot about me. AHH.... the glory of blogs! LOL See what I mean?.. I fought this blog thing..., and once again, it had a positive effect on my life. I met a wonderful person and have a new friend! HI KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tom and Becky have wonderful friends, and it was so fun to get to meet and mingle with them last night. You would think with it being this close to Christmas, people would be stressing and in a hurry , hurry mode,... but the idea Becky had of having a relaxing evening of socializing, was obviously just what everyone needed. There was no stess to be seen! A wonderful evening had by all!

It's had to believe that it's Christmas Eve Already...but I'm looking SO forward to being with the family tonight.

The boys are both home ,and that always makes this ma ma happy!

I hope whatever you all have planned for the next couple of days makes your Holiday time Special! Have safe travels , if you are on the road, and enjoy your time with those you love!

To my family that live too far away to be here ...I LOVE YOU ALL, and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We will be thinking of you!

Merry Christmas Everyone!