Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The importance of family

Anybody who knows me , know how important my family is to me. But today, I am really giving a lot of thought about how thankful I am for my family, near and far, from mom and brothers and sisters to cousins that we don't get to see as often as we'd like. This morning I got a email from (cousin) Myrna, and it just made my day! I guess (cousin) Paula had given her the link to my blog. She told me , that the first thing she does when she logs on the computer in the morning , is check my blog. How darn sweet it that? Especially, when I don't really say much that is all that exciting. LOL I just love that girl! She told me , she doesn't always make the connection about who all the people are in the photos, so , I'm really going to try and do better about writing who they are. It's so cool that we have this technology to use to be able to keep up on eachothers lives, and what everyone is up to. What do you think our Grandparents and Greatgrandparents would have thought of this modern technology? LOL I'm just glad there is something that is helping us keep in touch more. There have been times that I've really worried that we could all loose track of eachother and not get together, because it seems our parents and grandparents were the ones getting us all together and keeping the family in touch. Thank Goodness for people like (cousin) Becky, who work their tails off , to put together and pull of family reunions, and keep everyone connected. And Paula who keeps up on the genealogy, and family email addresses. I hope they know we all really appreciate it so much!
I got to spend time with my mom, brothers , sisters, nieces, nephews ect... Last weekend at Amy and Johns wedding.( Rays daughter), and it was so fun! One thing I can say about my family is ... We love being together! I am so blessed!!! I love you all!

ps. The layout at the top is one I just finished of Nathaniel (Brent and Dianas Son... Sister Donnas Grandson). I love that kid! I showed this picture on my blog , after I took it at moms on Mothers Day, so I though I would show you the layout. (Papers are "Fancy Pants Designs")

Monday, May 29, 2006

BOTH boys home!!

Anymore, it's near to a miracle to have both boys home at the same time, so today was a really treat! Jarad was boating most of yesterday, so he was TIRED today, and slept in LATE. While he was sleeping , Wes and I went in to put flowers on the graves, and pick up a couple of things at Walmart. It was a quick trip in , because I wanted to have an early dinner, before they both took off again. We fired up the grill and , actually all got to sit down at the table and eat, without someone having to run out the door to work! LOL Wes, is so thrilled with ANYTHING homecooked these days..... can you tell by the look on his face?

I'm not much of a movie watcher, but when the kid were younger, that was something we always did on Sunday nights (even though this is Monday), was eat dinner together and then watch a movie. That was one time when the kids knew not to make plans with friends, but all that changes when they get jobs! Anyway, Wes picked out the movie. He had seen it before , quite a while ago and like it. I have to tell you... I really liked it! I even stayed awake the ENTIRE movie!!! That is amazing for me! Fun movie, I dont remember what the rating was, but it was somthing I would have let my kids watch for sure. It's NOT a serious movie! Totally fiction. Kind of a "Wizard of Oz" type movie???? I know that doesnt give you much to go on, but it is worth watching. It's called "Big Fish"

Wes had to get headed back, so I packed him up some left overs , and he took off. It was really nice to have him home today. He's been so busy with work and school, we havent gotten to see much of him. I guess I could say the same for Jarad, even though he lives here! He is really only here to sleep! He's been working TONS of overtime, and taking classes at Metro in Omaha. And of course any open time, he with friends! LOL

Well, hope all of you had a wonderful weekend with family!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Wedding Pictures

( if you click on these you should be able to see them bigger)
Well, it was a beautiful wedding! Amy was a gorgeous bride! It was a pretty warm day, so we were thankful the airconditioning was working really well at the church and at the reception, and dance.

The wedding ceremony was so nice. They did this part of the ceremony with these tall glass cylinders of different colored sand. Amy had one, John had one and Hunter had one. The minister talked about the blending of their lives and what being a family was all about. The minister had a bit of sand also , to represent the lord in their lives. They were to each add the sands together to one big glass container, symbolizing how their lives would now blend together as a family. The mister put put his in a then left them up there to do theirs, ( while rascal Flatts was playing in the background).. Oh, I was having a hard time , holding it together on that one!!!! WHHAAA!
They had Hunter between them, and they were both talking to him, and had their hands on his back. It was just sweet!

The dinner and reception were really nice. Good food. Chicken or beef tips in gravey. Seasoned mashed potatoes, corn, buns, salad, ect.

Brent, Diana and Nathaniel all look SO NICE. They were all dressed, so spiffy, in maching colors. (wish I would have gotten Diana in this picture!)

The little flower girls were DARLING! Oh, and were they ever GLAMOUR Queens! LOVED having their picture taken. They had a ball at the dance, doing the Macarina! ( So did Nathaniel)

They had a special dance just for Amy and Hunter,and it was just the sweetest thing ever! He is growing up so fast!

John is a really nice guy ,and his family sure seems to be , as well. I think he and Amy(and Hunter), will be very happy together!
It was great to have Aunt Viv, Carl, Deb, Casey, LJ, Paul and Sherry all here for the wedding. LJ was Johns Best Man. I will show you more pic of the 5 attendants and flower girl and jr. flower girl later. I took those with my other camera,and need to get them developed. Neely was one of Amy's attendants,and she was so pretty!

Well, these were just some snips of the night, like I said, the others are on the other camera. A good time was had by all. As always, we always miss the far away family that couldn't be there. We love you guys!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pick "3"

Well, since I havent been able to show any of the new layouts I've been working on, I decided today, I was just going to pick three layouts I've done with "Fancy Pants Designs" products. I've been on their design Team for going on two years now, and it's been so exciting to see them grow so much! Their new lines of matching papers, ribbons, rub ons and chip board are gorgeous, and were a huge success at CHA. These layouts are ones I did awhile back. Alot of the stuff I've been working on for Scrapbook Answers , I cant post until after it's published, so it looks like I'm doing nothing! LOL Really , I am, trust me! The bottom layout of Rhonda and I has been published in Scrapbook Trends , the others have not. Sometimes, it happens, and sometimes it doesnt! LOL The top layout is of Arial, (Paula granddaughter),and the second layout is done with pictures of that old cabinet that was in Grandma B's garage. I went to SD to get it, but really had no room for it at my house right now, so I asked Jan if she wanted to use it. She cleaned it all up and gave it a coat of orange glow,and then, of she does with everything..... made it look BEAUTIFUL with all her goodies!
Well, to day is Amy and Johns wedding , so off we go! Hopefully I'll have photos to share tomorrow! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial weekend!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Here comes the weekend!

Well, this week just few by! I cant believe it's friday already. I had to make the dreaded run to Walmart today.....ahhhh, I put off going there, as long as I can! Anyway, decided since I was going to be in town, I was going to call my friend Deb to see what she was up to , and if she would mind some company for a bit. Seems like it's always so crazy busy, it's hard to find time to get together. I had gotten the new "Sommerset Studios" and she had the new "Legacy" (scrapbook mags), so we sat at the table thumbing through them , ooohing and ahhing. It was great fun!
Debs house is just always filled with so many beautiful things....the girl really has a eye for decorating. I had to break out the camera, so I'll share the beauty with you! LOL

Well, that was the fun part....after that , I was off to Walmart. YUCK! By the time I got that finished and got home, and then put it all away, I wanted to take a nap!(but I didnt)

Tomorrow is Amy and Johns Wedding in Lincoln, so I'm looking forward to that. They are both great people and I think they are going to be really happy together. There is a dance and a reception later tomorrow night, so it will be fun to get to see everyone.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Well I'm sure you have all heard me do my share of talking about "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage", over the last couple of years. It all started with a email I sent to Sandy Redburn the owner, telling her how much I LOVE their products, and showing her some samples of things I had done with them.... now I feel like one of the Crafty Secrets Family. LOL Although I have made an number of trips to Canada to work with these girls, we certainly do our share of communicating on the phone and by internet. Today I'm feeling pretty darn excited about the new things "Crafty Secrets", has up it's sleeve to be released at CHA. (For those of you who arent Scrapbookers , CHA is the "Craft and Hobby Assoc" big Trade show.)
These girls just blew me away with their creativity today!!!! Cant show you the new stuff yet, but if you want to check out the website , here it is

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Now that's a BIG DOG!!!!

When we first got Aly, I thought she would end up being much smaller than she is , then Molly cam e along ,and that's a whole other story! ( you would have thought I'd learned my lesson with that!) Well today, My friend Gabby came by to show me their new dog, " Nadio". All I can say is THIS IS A BIG DOG!!!!!!
They got Nadio from a rescue program. No worries for this big guy now that he has a new mom and dad....He's liv'n the good life. Riding around with his head out the window with his ma ma! LOL Nadio does have some issues with drooling and with separation anxiety. ( it seems the two go hand in hand) . When he's left alone, and stresses out, the drooling intensifies. (Yikes, I'm not thinking this is something I would want to come home to.) Gabby tells me that the vet has now put Nadio on anti depressants to help with this. Yep , you heard me right. anti depressants.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Busy Day!

Well, I don't have to much to say was mostly a work day! I had alot I was trying to get done today, and it seemed like the day just flew by. I feel like a accomplished quite a bit, and that always feels good, but still plenty left for tomorrow! LOL My ScrapMuse Kit came today, so I need to get started on it. We have weddings the next two weekends, so I'm hoping to get my kit stuff done this week.
Deb and I have been talking about going to the "Old Market" one day this week or next, so I'm hoping for a nice day! Last I heard , there was rain in the forcast. The Sun has to shine sooner or later right? Wish I could have gone today, the weather was perfect! First nice day....we're gone!!! LOL

Busy Weekend!

Well, I'm getting behind on my blogging , aren't I? I was pretty good about getting here every day untill this weekend. Lots of Graduations and weddings this spring! Yesterday was Candices Big Day! She looks pretty happy huh? I'm so proud of her!

The other fun and exciting thing the happened this weekend , involved SCRAPBOOKING!!!! LOl Paula called the other night, and said that Ron and Tracy had been to an auction, and found LOTS of scrapbooks stuff. Well, trust me .... I had NO idea when she said "LOTS" , just how much she meant! HOLY COW! Her and I were looking through stuff for hours! She sent so much stuff home with me, it was ridiculous! Papers, stickers, stamps, inks, markers, everything you could think of ...even a bran new Sizzix machine!!! It was like Christmas in May!!! I still dont have it all put away! Thanks Paula! (Ron and Tracy too!)
While I was there , Tracy and Kori's kids came. You would not believe how those kids have grown up so quick! I have to tell you, I was so touched... those kids are all in their early teens now , and still... when they came in they each, came straight over to me and hugged me. What great kids!!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Small town life!

For all of you who have only heard my talk about the small town I live in, but just can't quite picture it.... this is for you! LOL Actually , I don't live in town, but this is North Bend (just a couple of miles from me). I make fun of the "small town" thing, but actually, it's pretty cool , that there are still places like this around. We have no walmart, or target, no Starbucks or fast food places.. but we do have "The corner Cafe, a bowling ally, a post office and a mini mart! Oh, and see that antena on the grain tower? Thats for my high speed internet! Oh, am I thankful for that! LOL You get the view of main street from both directions... yep, that's pretty much it!

Lots of really friendly hard working people live here. Alot of them farm the land their parents and grandparents farmed.
Oh Yeah, we even have a celebraty that calls this home! Marg Helgenberger (CSI), lived in this very house, and had the same high school drama teacher Jarad had! Wow... pretty impressive huh? LOL

So much for small town life!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bloggity do da day!

The photo I'm posting has absolutly nothing to do with my day today, but.... my day was pretty uneventful, so there was nothing much to take pictures of. So I decided to dig into the photo archives and just pick one of my favorites to share. This is Austin (Greg and Trinnas youngest), when they were back for a visit last forth of July. He was just having a ball , once he decided it was okay to get the band aid on his toe wet. LOL I love this picture of him, and how the water is splashing up. We hope they can come for a visit again soon!

Like I said , today was pretty uneventful. I worked with Becky this morning, came home and worked on things at home this afternoon ,and then had to run to the airport to pick Dan up tonight. ( I went into Omaha early to have time to make a stop at Michaels first though, never know what sales I might find) ... Thats me ... always think'n! LOL

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Still loving Spring!

The sun is shining again today!!! yay! I have sun tea brewing and kabobs marinating to grill for dinner. Cooking meals in the summer is so much easier when you can grill!!
I have a bit of a headache today, so I'm alittle discouraged. The doctor just started me on a new preventive migraine med, so I'm hoping that it's just that it hasn't has time to kick in yet.
Jarad is really suffering with allergies , big time!
He is just miserable... poor guy. He's off to work soon, so I hope he starts feeling better. The combination of overtime, school and allergies has him drag'n.

Well, I better get back to work! I never thought I would get so caught up in this "Blog" thing...but I kind of enjoy it. It challenges me to take photos everyday! ( and of the "everyday" things). I love the fact that I can write and post pictures to share with my "far away" friends and family , with out having to even size the photos.... but I thought, who cares what's going on in my boring life? LOL, But yesterday after talking with Sandy and Cindy,(my Canadian sidekicks), I felt SO GOOD, because they said they look at my blog all the time. Thanks for humoring me girls! LOL Your the best!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another Gorgeous Day!

I don't even want to be in the house at all today.... because, it's SO nice out today! So I worked some, and then the dogs and I went for a long walk!
Everyone will be sick of seeing pictures of my flowers before the summer is over, but I just LOVE being able to be home to enjoy them! Working from home suites me fine.
I can work awhile and then take the dogs out and sit on the porch for a while. With all the rainy days we've had lately... I'm ready to enjoy the sunshine!
I love it out here, it's so quiet, and there is so much wildlife. If I have my way, I will always live in the country. ( as long as there is good shopping within an hour) LOL!
Here's some of my Lily of the Valley. "My Own"! ( not what's growning in the ditch). My sweet friend Liz gave me this last year...and it's off to a good start.

Well, I enjoyed the day, took a walk, played with the pups, but now's back to work. Just wanted to share a little bit of my day! Hope yours was just as perfect!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Spiffed Up!

I just had to post this picture I just took , of Jarad when he was headed out to his interview.(hair cut appointment first,LOL). He never likes me to take his picture, but I got my way this time! Yay! He applied for a job ,that really he would apply for AFTER he was finished with school, but the job post came up last week, he took the test and past it, so he has an interview today. We'll keep our fingers crossed, but if this time doesnt work out, he will certainly have the opportunity again. He has come a long way , in a short time. I'm really proud of him!

Mothers Day!

Well, believe it or not, I fell asleep last night before I got a chance to post any Mother Day Pictures, and on top of that , I realized I didnt really take any picture of mom. So I'm posting this one , I took on Easter. That's my ma ma! Beautiful inside and out! She is one amazing woman! Love ya Mom!

We all had dinner together ,and then went to moms for dessert. Jan and I had made cakes. (and the guys did the dishes!) We all loved looking at Keiths pictures from his trip to Germany and Poland! They were just AMAZING! had Virginia had gotten a big table for us at the Windmill, so we all sat together. Dan, Lori, Cameron, Carrie, Jayvier, Kirstyn, Kylie, Griffin, Diana, Brent, Nathaniel, Jan, Keith,Virginia, Wes ,Jarad , Mom and I. I picked mom up after taking Dan to the airport and met the rest of the family there.
It was a nice day with the family. Both my boys even got to be home. Wes gave me a really nice card, a CD he made me and a potted lilly. Jarad treated Wes and I to lunch. I was just happy to have both of them there!
Here is a picture of Nathaniel in Grandma'a back yard! Cute kid huh?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tilly's in London

I have been thinking about Neely so much lately.
The Tilly's are on tour again, so I'm thinking everyday, about the amazing things they are seeing, and what an adventure it must be for them each time they go. I got an email from Neely today, saying they are in London, and having a great time. She is such a sweet girl, she wrote to congradulate Wes and to wish me a Happy Mothers Day. I am so darn proud of these kids for living their dream! Everytime I hear them , they just get better and better. I'm always amazed. Look out comes the Tilly's!!!
check it out!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and Smell the Roses? (yep, thats the plan)

This is a photo my friend Cat took of me a while back. The wrinkles I am starting to see on my face , are a good reminder for me, to Slow down, and take time to smell the roses. Life speeds by , pretty darn fast! I made the decision today to give up the days I work with Becky. I have just been burning my candle at both ends lately...and It's burning me out! LOL So ... as my mom and sister have been telling me... I'm going to try to take more time to "stop and smell the roses". I'm going to actually try to get to bed by midnight, instead of 2 am.(oops it's 12:25 now). And I'm really going set limits on the time I'm working in my room. Some days I in here TOO much! LOL
Anyway, summer is comming, and I'm looking forward to it! ( so my mission is to take a little more time and enjoy it)!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sad pups!

Well, Wes and Jarad were both home for a bit last night.... but their gone again now... Can you tell Aly and Molly miss them??? Oh brother!
Wes plays with them so much when he's home ...they just mope after he leaves. They know if

Jarad is ever home , it's because he's sleeping, so Igo in his room and guess who is holding down the fort in there? The Sad pups!

Artsy Fartsy

Ok, for those of you who arent into "Artsy Fartsy" stuff, this will probably push you right over the edge! LOL It's definatly a creative outlet, for the "wierd at heart"! LOL
Anyway, it was so fun to do. Paula was here yesterday,and we both just dug around in my stash of junk to alter, and HAD AT IT! The hair is colored wire, and rag ties, the head a oval paper box, the body a old motor cyle license plate, wooden spool arms, huge clothes pin legs and paper wings.
I saw a quick pic of Paulas , last night, since we both finished them up on our own late last night, after I took her home. Here's is way cooler than mine....mine is just funny. Wes and Jarad were both home for a bit late last night. They came up to my work room to talk ....when they saw this ..they both laughed and laughed.(I mean LAUGHED HARD)!!!
I guess it is pretty funny!

Nice day!

Well today was a nice relaxing day , for the most part. Paula came over and we worked on "Art dolls".... it was so fun to do something so creative...with NO rules! LOL I will post of picture of the weird one I made tomorrow. It was dark by the time I finished, so I will wait for daylight to take a picture. Wes came home for the night, so he and Jarad kept me up late tonight. ( laughing at my ART doll" LOL I need to head off to bed!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fresh air

Ahhhh.... fresh air! We finally had a sunny day! I have been waiting and waiting for the chance to get out and work in my flowers. For some reason, I've had a creative block and havent created much, as far as scrapbooking.( yikes , that better change). Paula is comming over tomorrow...she always gets me thinking! LOL Anyway, I loved being outside today....just digging in the dirt! Now , if there was just NO such thing as Snakes! I HATE THEM!
I watch for them, and I'm aware that they're out there, and still ,when I see one.......I SCREAM like a little school girl! The just creep me out! Yuck!

The yard should do much better this year with the sprinkler system in, and I'll be glad not to be dragging hoses around all summer.

I had to laugh because I've been so thrilled with this little bitty start of my favorite "lilly of the valley" ,that I got from a friend. Well, I should have looked around a bit more, because when I went for my walk, I looked in the ditch right in front of the house, and guess what it's FULL of ???? You guessed it , Lilly of the Valley!!!!! OH Brother!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Easy Yummy Potatoes

I have been trying to be better about cooking an "actual meal" each night ....which is hard for me! Not because I dont like to cook ,but just because I hate to take the time to stop what I'm doing and cook ...and then CLEAN UP! Anyway, last night, I made my sister Donna's Potatoes. ( that's what I call them...because she's who made them ,the first time I tried them). haha
Anyway, they are so good and super easy. Just wash and slice in half (the long way), as many potatoes as you want. I use a glass 9 x 13, and put a stick of margarine in the bottom. I preheat the oven to 375. While it's preheating , I stick the pan in the oven, just long enough to melt the marg. I then take it out, and add a Tablespoon of fresh minced garlic, and some salt and pepper. Put the sliced pototoes in the pan cut side down. Cover with foil and bake about 40 min, or until potatoes are done , or bottoms are browning. If you need to brown them more,...I just turn them over , remove the foil,and stick them under the broiler for a minute. Sprinkle with parsley flakes.

These aren't low calorie, but they are good!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Graduation Day!

Well, I now have a college graduate! Yesterday was Weston's college graduation from Wayne state. It was such a nice day. Sightly overcast, but not to cold. It was so nice that mom and Jan came also. I know that meant alot to Wes. It seems pretty amzing to me , that 5 years pasted that quickly! Seems like it was just , not that long ago that we were dropping him off to move into the dorms. He is planning on staying in Wayne this summer and keeping his campus security job, so he can have the summer to just chill ,and decided what comes next. I don't blame him, he has been so stressed. He has had a full load , between work , school, and his band stuff. I'm so proud of him! WAY TO GO WESTON!