Thursday, May 11, 2006

Artsy Fartsy

Ok, for those of you who arent into "Artsy Fartsy" stuff, this will probably push you right over the edge! LOL It's definatly a creative outlet, for the "wierd at heart"! LOL
Anyway, it was so fun to do. Paula was here yesterday,and we both just dug around in my stash of junk to alter, and HAD AT IT! The hair is colored wire, and rag ties, the head a oval paper box, the body a old motor cyle license plate, wooden spool arms, huge clothes pin legs and paper wings.
I saw a quick pic of Paulas , last night, since we both finished them up on our own late last night, after I took her home. Here's is way cooler than mine....mine is just funny. Wes and Jarad were both home for a bit late last night. They came up to my work room to talk ....when they saw this ..they both laughed and laughed.(I mean LAUGHED HARD)!!!
I guess it is pretty funny!

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