Monday, May 29, 2006

BOTH boys home!!

Anymore, it's near to a miracle to have both boys home at the same time, so today was a really treat! Jarad was boating most of yesterday, so he was TIRED today, and slept in LATE. While he was sleeping , Wes and I went in to put flowers on the graves, and pick up a couple of things at Walmart. It was a quick trip in , because I wanted to have an early dinner, before they both took off again. We fired up the grill and , actually all got to sit down at the table and eat, without someone having to run out the door to work! LOL Wes, is so thrilled with ANYTHING homecooked these days..... can you tell by the look on his face?

I'm not much of a movie watcher, but when the kid were younger, that was something we always did on Sunday nights (even though this is Monday), was eat dinner together and then watch a movie. That was one time when the kids knew not to make plans with friends, but all that changes when they get jobs! Anyway, Wes picked out the movie. He had seen it before , quite a while ago and like it. I have to tell you... I really liked it! I even stayed awake the ENTIRE movie!!! That is amazing for me! Fun movie, I dont remember what the rating was, but it was somthing I would have let my kids watch for sure. It's NOT a serious movie! Totally fiction. Kind of a "Wizard of Oz" type movie???? I know that doesnt give you much to go on, but it is worth watching. It's called "Big Fish"

Wes had to get headed back, so I packed him up some left overs , and he took off. It was really nice to have him home today. He's been so busy with work and school, we havent gotten to see much of him. I guess I could say the same for Jarad, even though he lives here! He is really only here to sleep! He's been working TONS of overtime, and taking classes at Metro in Omaha. And of course any open time, he with friends! LOL

Well, hope all of you had a wonderful weekend with family!

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