Friday, May 19, 2006

Small town life!

For all of you who have only heard my talk about the small town I live in, but just can't quite picture it.... this is for you! LOL Actually , I don't live in town, but this is North Bend (just a couple of miles from me). I make fun of the "small town" thing, but actually, it's pretty cool , that there are still places like this around. We have no walmart, or target, no Starbucks or fast food places.. but we do have "The corner Cafe, a bowling ally, a post office and a mini mart! Oh, and see that antena on the grain tower? Thats for my high speed internet! Oh, am I thankful for that! LOL You get the view of main street from both directions... yep, that's pretty much it!

Lots of really friendly hard working people live here. Alot of them farm the land their parents and grandparents farmed.
Oh Yeah, we even have a celebraty that calls this home! Marg Helgenberger (CSI), lived in this very house, and had the same high school drama teacher Jarad had! Wow... pretty impressive huh? LOL

So much for small town life!

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