Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bendig Wedding

Tammy was a Beautiful Bride, and Cody was looking pretty darn Handsome himself! They are so cute together. I'm posting a few of the photos I took on my digital camera on here. I took tons with my other camera, but need to get them developed. The wedding was beautiful and the reception was set up so nice with more food than you could imagine. Ron and Paula had the food tables looking so nice. Pork and Chicken, potatoes, salads, veggies, buns, ect... Then Chocolate fountains with all kinds of yummy fresh fruit and goodies to dip. It was a SPREAD!

Always good to see everyone. It's crazy how fast everyone's kids and grandkids grown up!
Jan and Keith picked up mom and brought her with them to the wedding and to the reception. It was good to sit and chat with them also.
Well, we sat and chatted MOST of the time, but you know those fun loving people.....They even managed to drag Jan and mine's butts out on the dance floor a few times. I mean DRAG... We don't go willingly! LOL I was a ton of FUN!

Ellen and mom just before the wedding. The wedding was at the new Catholic church. It was just beautiful!

Paula and Rons Granddaughters Ariell and Victoria,(Kori's daughter on the left and Tracy's on the right)

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