Friday, June 09, 2006

Big Boy Toys

What is it with Boys and stuff like this??? Motors, gears, greasy stuff, the smell of gas... I swear , they live for it!

When Wes came home today, what do you think the first thing he did was? Straight to the garage to check out Jarads new toy! Trust me, I've been dealing with this "boy thing" for a few years now, and I've seen it plenty of's like they just go into a zone! Maybe it's like girls and "Shopping" , or something? That's about all I can relate it to.
So anyway, as much as the mother in me worries about the thoughts of one of them getting hurt, it was cool to see them out there checking it out and taking the talk about it. As they are growing up ,it's nice to see them getting along ,and apprieciating eachother for who they are. They are very different in alot of ways , yet very much alike in others.

I guess I should be thankful I've managed to get them to 20 and 24 without having a motorcyle.
Atleast this is a dirt bike , not somthing he'll be taking on the hwy.

I have to laugh at Jarad, he's working so many hours, but he wants to ride it so bad that is sets his alarm to get up early, so he has time. That alarm goes off , and goes off , and goes off, every 15 minutes, for what seems like hours! Finally, he comes dragging out. Today, he came out and then I found him alseep on the couch???? Poor kid, he does work alot of hours, I'll give him that! I know he works Saturday again this week. I hope he gets some time Sunday to (safely) enjoy his new BIG BOY TOY!

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