Thursday, June 15, 2006

Catching up!!!

I have to catch up on my blogging!!! LOL I was
gone yesterday , dogsitting, my other two favorite dogs in the world. Miss Foxy,and Miss Nikki. These are are seriously as spoiled as my dogs are! hahaha! We had a fine time together, and REALLY bonded about 6am when it started to thunder! I found out my dogs arent the only ones freaked out by storms. I love you girls!!!
Foxy and Nikki

I took these pictures of the flags on Flag day yesterday. In Fremont they line both side of Military street all the way through town with flags. Its really something to see. Kinda cool!
I mailed of 5 of the projects I did for Scrapbook Answers yesterday! Whew! I'm feeling a little less over whelmed. I still have two things to finish up, but that should be done this weekend. I'm not complaining! So thankful they want my work!
Wes is home tonight, so I'm shutting down the computer to go chat with the boy!

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