Friday, June 30, 2006

I'M HOME!!!!!

I'm home!!! Always feels good to be home after being gone for a while, but it was hard to leave with things not completely finished. You know how it is when are part of the beginning of a project you want to see it all through to the end. I was bummed about that, but thrilled to be able to have been a part of this paper project. I'm SO excited about how they turned out! As you can see by the photo, for a while I even though I was going to have these girls converted to my drink of choice. Neither of them really drink much pop at all....But I was thinking this might be the thing that could get us through! LOL
We put our heads together, got a lot done, and came up with some pretty darn amazing paper, if I say so myself. It was so cool to see it all come together.
So, other than my bad lucky this time with flights, the trip was great. The flights going to Vancouver were the biggest mess ever.....Delays, plane problems, rude people, overbooking,switching airlines, missed flights, and me about in tears. The way home wasn't AS bad, but the first delayed fight, caused me to miss the second connection in Denver, and had to catch a later fight. So instead of getting into Omaha at 8:30pm , it was Midnight. After 2am when I got home, but hey, I gained 2 hours!!!! (with the time change) .
Now, time to catch up on things around here...and give my pups some attention!

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Nat said...

Ahhhh - soooo good to see you are back Vic!!! Sorry about your messed up flights!

Hugs and Smoochies from your biggest fan overseas ;-)