Monday, June 12, 2006

Lucky for me!

Lucky for me, I have this woman for my mother. I stopped over at mom's today when I was in town, just to chat for a bit. I would be happy, if I knew I had been half the good role model for my children, that our mom has been for us. She just amazes me! To be almost 85 years old , and have the active life she has , is really something! Her house and yard are always spotless, she volunteers forRed Cross at the Hospital once a week, plays, canasta, bunko, goes to church circle, makes food and works at church for name it, she does it. When I stopped today, she had just gotten back from a walk. She doesnt let anything stop her!

I got another big project finished yesterday , and it was okay to the next. Yippee! My flight it lined up for my trip to Canada now, so I'm on a mission to get thing wrapped up, so I can focus on that. I'm excited , be cause this is the first time I'm flying into Vancouver,and it's a straight through flight from Omaha. (FAST)!!! Usually I fly into Seattle, and then it's a 2 hour drive from there. This will seem like a breeze!

The day after I get back the Florida fam, will all be here! YAY!!! Can't wait to see them!!!! Dawns family is comming too! One of these days I'm going back to Florida to hang with those guys..... the time the boys and I spent with Dawns family a few years ago, was the most fun, I think I've ever had! We had some good laughs! Did you hear that Stannis's???? Better get my room ready! LOL And remember I like my pina colada's with Coconut Rum. .. One for each hand. LOL

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