Saturday, June 03, 2006

So Proud of The Tilly's!!!!

Super show put on by the Tilly's last night!!!! We had such a blast. They are just the nicest kids ever. So friendly and conciderate. All of them were to sweet to take time to thank their families for being there.

I was thinking last night , as I was watching them perform... they whenever I buy a graduation card for one of the kids graduating from highschool or college... it always seem to have the words or the message somewhere in it... FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!!......................

Well, I'm so pround of these kids....because they Really ARE!!!! WAY TO GO TILLY'S!!!! I'm SO proud of you!!!!!

A fun night was had by all!!!

Wes and Nathaniel (Brent and Diana's son)

Wes and Neely

The b&w picture to the left is Neely , Conner and Wes. Wes LOVES Conners Music, and we thrilled to be there. Conner is the Band "Bright Eyes"

The other picture is the proud Aunt and her girl!

We had so much fun at the Tilly's show last night. We knew it was a sold out show ,long it was packed. Pretty warm in there, but definatly worth it!!! Those kids are amazing! As you can see Nathaniel was in "party mode", with his pink spiked hair..... and oh....seems as though he found a dance partner??? LOOK at that kids face. (the one on the left) HILARIOUS!!!! I have NO idea who she is...just came out of nowhere???? LOL

I think he's in shock!!! LOL
Party Guy!

Rock on Tilly's!!!!!!!!

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