Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thankful for "health".

Sorry I didnt get around to blogging yesterday. I just got so wrapped up in work and everything going on, I just couldnt find the time, until now. I guess my "blog talk" today, is just about being thankful we are all healthy for the most part. As we get older, I think that's something we think about more and more often.
I got a phone call yesterday from my friend (since Junior high) John. He said his brother Rob was in the hospital in intensive care, with a blod clot in his chest, near his heart. ( late 40's with no prior health issues). John took the first flight out for Idaho early this morning to be with him. Last I heard Rob was in critical contition and now on a vetalator. This is such a scary time for their family , so could you all please keep them in your prayers.
I am usually the "official" dogsitter for Johns dogs, when he has to be out of town, but Wes is going to be hanging out with the girls (the dogs) the next few days. He has a couple of days off, and was planning on hanging out with some friends in Omaha anyway, so he will stay at Johns with the dogs. That will help me out too, then I can get my work done here at home , where my supplies are. (Thanks Wes~!)

Call someone you love today , and tell them.....just because you do!

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