Friday, June 16, 2006

You just never know

What I might post on this crazy blog! Wes was home to day, and just like when he was little he would always come in from outside with some little treasure of nature to share. Today it was this walking stick! Pretty cool huh? Well, I just had to "google" , to see if I could learn a bit more about ...... I'm sharing the knowledge..........

Walking Sticks
Masters of DisguiseYou'd have to look pretty closely at this tree to notice that there was a bug on it. The walking stick insects are very highly specialized insects that have adapted to their environments by blending in. You can probably guess that they are called "walking sticks" because they really look like sticks with legs. They come in many colors and sizes, all depending on the type of tree or bush they like to live in. The plants these insects live in are their primary source of food. Giant stick insects are some of the longest insects in the world. In fact, the longest insect on record is a stick insect of the species Pharnacia kirbyi, found living in the rainforests of Borneo, and it can grow up to 20 inches (50cm) long.
( whew , glad, ours was just a baby!) There, now you probably know more than you want to know about Walking sticks! LOL

Well, that was pretty much the excitement for the day , until Wes called a couple of hours later , after he had headed back to Wayne. He was about a mile from the farm house he is moving into with a couple of other guys for the summer, when he came up to an intersection. He was doing about 50, and there was a grove of trees so I couldn't see that there was anything comings from the other direction. (Although THEY had a stop sign). Well, out into the intersection came a huge piece of farm equipment. It was an very elderly farmer who blew right through the stop sign. Thank God , Wes thought fast ,and had his seat belt on! He knew that, at that speed , and on gravel, he would have never gotten stopped, so he took the ditch. He is fine. He wasn't hurt at all, thank God! The Car is drivable, but not sure how much damage yet. The old man was out of the machinery and over to Wes ,before Wes was settled enough to get out of the car. He was pretty shook. The farmer used the machinery to pull the car out the the ditch. Wes said ,if he hadn't had his seat belt on , he would have never been able to keep control of the car after it hit the first bump going into the ditch. I am just SO thankful he is ok!

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