Monday, July 31, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Wow, that weekend went by fast! Deb came out for a bit yesterday, and that was fun. Seems like I'm in Fremont often, so it's just easier for me to stop at my friends there, than for them to drive out here. It was nice to have her come here this time. We just chatted and had a bit for lunch, then I was showing her some of the pictures on the Disc that Keith sent. Alot of them were from one of there summer vacations to Maine, and they were just gorgeous! As a matter of fact...that's where they are right now! So we were so jealous we decided to call them on their cell phone and give them a bad time. Well, it kind of back fired because they told us how beautiful it was there. They were just sitting on a log by the ocean, near a lighthouse ,eating their yummy lunch! Man, that is NOT fair! LOL Just kidding, so glad they are having a good time. They work hard all year, and so look forward to this get away.
Anyway, just wanted to share another one of Keiths pictures of the "Tilly's". One that he altered in Photoshop. I love it!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

What's your style (second part)

Finally, I can get the pictures to upload. Not sure what the problem was.
I decided to just take random pictures all over instead of just the kitchen. I realize after looking around , that I really used to lean towards darker colors, but I'm really starting to like more color. I just finished these containers, that I got on a clearance table at Gordmans for a buck! Woo Hoo, love a deal!

This is the table beside my bed. The shoes where mine as a little girl, and the photo is my absolute favorite. It's of my dad and I , and he has his hand on my head.

I love things like this white cabnet, but the problem is ...I NEED TO PAINT some color on my walls. ( I hate to paint!) walls, that is! This little tea pot was given to me by Dan's grandma, the spices where my grandmas, and the recipe is my moms stuffing recipe. These are a few of my favorite things. (singing) LOL I love just having things out that love... so I can see them everyday!

The glasses on the books were my great grandmas, and the books were some that I found in the abandon house my dad lived in as a child in SD.

I know this is probably a plant hanger that belongs outside , but I use it in the kitchen as a towel holder. I just had to have it, when I saw it in a store in the Black Hills when we were on vacation.

You can really tell how , like your scrapbooking style, your decorating style can really change with time. Our other house was alot like this bathroom is now. All done very victorian. I still love victorian, but I think you come to a certain time in your life, when you just dont want all that STUFF! LOL (maybe it's because it's just too much to dust!) But this is my girly bathroom , so I still enjoy all the foofy stuff!

The other bathroom is much more simple.... lots less clutter, simple, basic, no clutter.

This is the perfect example of that I was talking about. Sometimes with my layouts.... SIMPLE and the next one OVER THE TOP. Whats the deal with me???? LOL

So what's your thoughts on this...

Does every scrapbooker have to have a certain style?

For my family and those of you who dont scrapbook.... I promise my next post.... NO SCRAPBOOKING TALK!!!!! LOL

Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's your style?

Here I am talking about "Scrapbooking" again...But "What's your style?" is a question that seems to come up a lot, when your talking to others who share this passion. I have been thinking ALOT about this! I think the reason I have given it so much thought is because I'm not sure "I" have a "Style",.... And for some reason , this concerns me at times. LOL I just really like so many different styles, and it's so fun to try new things . I find that one time I do a very simple layout, with lots of straight lines, and minimal use of embellishments, if any(esp if it's a really striking photo).........BUT the next time... Collage just rings my bell, and I use everything but the kitchen sink on my layout. I'm a technique junky, and love trying new things, so sometimes it's fun to just get lost in it.
I love to ask people who scrap, what inspires them most. If you have time, I'd love for you comment and tell me. I always wonder if the way someone decorates their home, or the style of clothes they wear...ect is in anyway refected in the way they scrap???? I was standing in my kitchen looking around thinking....hmmmm.... I don't really know if the way I decorate my home has a huge impact on how I design when scrapbooking, but I'm sure it has some. Colors, style, placement, ect....
I can think of two really great examples of friends of mine that I would say ...Their decorating style is defiantly refected onto their scrapbook pages.
Becky Novacek's home is just as beautiful as her photography, and her amazing layouts. Kind of a "French Cottage" feel, tons of stunning white framed black and white photos and all these amazing vintage things ,displayed in a way that is just like something out of a magazine. Gorgeous! Her amazing eye for design is just as obvious in her art workas it is in her home.
The other person that I think really transfers her interior decorating abilities to her scrapbook style is Deb Steenblock. She uses warm colors a lot,and works them like no one I know. I am always amazed at her use of the color RED also. I find red kind of hard to use at times, but this girl, LOVES red, and incorporates it in her home and in her scrapbooking, for that little added punch, that is just perfect! I've posted some photos of Debs house on my bog before, if you look back a bit, you can check them out. Her house is just one of those , that you just want to curl up with a good book and stay all day.
I realize that most of the things I have around my house are just things I love to look at, or they have some sentimental meaning to me. I just need to find time to put some paint on these walls, and revamp a bit. Anyway, since I was so deep in thought about this "Where do you get your inspiration"? Thing.... I posted these pictures of some of my favorite things (just in my kitchen).
Maybe a room a day? LOL

**For some reason I can't get them to all upload here so that's why they are above , in a separate entry. Grrr... not happening, I'll have to try again later.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Home with my pups


The dogs are in heaven ,now that they have someone home with them all day again! Molly keeps bringing me toys , while I'm trying to work... like "PLAY with ME!!!"
She is one of those dogs that just doesnt give up, and go away...she will cry, and nudge my arm, as I'm typing. Anything to get your attention!!!
I finally broke down and played catch with her for a while. Geeezzz.... I thought I was done raising kids? LOL
She's kinda naughty, but cha just gotta luv her!

"Pixie Jar"

Everytime I look at this now I just cant help but laugh. I made this today , using the new Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage ,party hats, butterfly wings and cotton scraps. When I was little, my hair was ALWAYS cut in a PIXIE..... so , I found this quite fitting!!!! LOL

I love having this fun new little things to work with! I'm so excited about the new CS papers, that I can hardly stand waiting for them to come out! October seems so far away right now, but I know it will come fast.
These wings and hats , are fun and funky, and will be great for ATC's and Altered projects.
I cut the butterflies out and used Diamond glaze to adhere them to the inside of the jar.
I'm I a dork in that picture or what! LOL My hands just happend to be like that because I was sitting on my Grandpas lap , in the picture, and had my hands on his knees. It really worked out perfect for me to hold the "playful Pixie" banner huh? LOL

Gee, you cant tell I love my dogs , can you????


Here is my sweet little Aly pup! She is NOTHING like Molly. She is so mild mannered,and meek. She just sits around looking sweet all day! She loves tiny carrots and mini marshmallows and is scared of the curtains when the wind blows. ( so now do you have more info on my dogs then you ever want?) LOL

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Catching up....still

I'm still doing laundry and house stuff, just trying to catch up on things after being gone...but it still feels good to be home!
The pups were sure glad to have the mama home. They havent left my side since I walked in.
The highlight of the day was lunch at my friend Debs. It was such a nice lunch, and great to be able to just sit an chat a few minutes. It was just so crazy working up to CHA, to have some "chill" time is GREAT!

Monday, July 24, 2006

My favorite part of going to CHA and Memory Trends , is getting to see friends! It's really pretty amazing the close friendships you make with people in the industry, that, for the most part are long distance friendships. Lots of times these trade shows are the one or two times during the year you see these friends, so you really look forward to that. Kathleen Summers is such a doll! She is on the "Scrapbook Answers magazine" Design Team with me. I ended up not being able to make it to the breakfast the Team had on Sunday morning ,but still managed to chat with some of the Team , at the show. Kathleen came over to the CS booth to say hello, and it just made my day! Thanks Kathleen!

Speaking of getting to spend time with friends.... "Cat "(Catherine Mathews Scanlon), came to dinner with Sandy , Wendy and I one night, and we had so much fun! I love that girl! Anyway, it was a Mexican food restraunt, and our little friend ( in the pic) was singing and playing his guitar for us. It was great to get to spend some time with Cat that night ,and some at the show. The time always goes by WAY to fast though. I miss you already Kitty!
Also , got to see, Bec, of course, Sharly, the girls from Albion ect.... it's so GREAT to see everyone!
Here are just some more misc pics from CHA. The vintage looking stuff is all crafty Crafty Secrets, of course. The others are just some general pics of CHA stuff.

More CHA pics

CHA Fancy Pants

Missed working with Jodi and Jarred in the FPD booth this time but stopped by to check it out a couple of times ,and took some pictures to share. I was so thrilled that Jodi used the layouts I got done before I left , for display in the booth.

Amy, the layouts of both your girl friends were used. And This one of your kiddo's Patti. The one of Ariell with the flowers was used in the catalog also. And Debs cute little grandson Carters picture too. Sorry, I see I have one of the pictures of the booth uploaded twice. (oops!). Fancy Pants and Crafty Secrets are very different product lines so naturally their booths are very individual also. Jodi and Sandy, both have such an idea for style! The booths looked beautiful.

These are some of the new BIG BIG chipboard, and they are AWESOME!!!! Great rub ons and ribbon to match each of the paper lines also.

I survived the dentist this afternoon pretty well. He was able to put my cap back on! Woo Hoo! and NO charge! (even better,huh?)
I guess I'm fairing pretty well, concidering all that has gone on since my day started around 5:30am this morning in Chicago. The cab driver I had for my $65 cab ride to the airport was a crazed maniac! Geeezzzz, I have never seen driving quite that AGRESSIVE! WOW!, lets just say , It was an "EYE OPENER"!
It blows me away the way crazy people in "the city" , roll down their windows and scream and yell at eachother... honking, and inching right up to the side of the next car. This small town girl glad to be home! I used to made fun of the fact that I was from Nebraska, and made "small town" jokes..... but ... I'm starting to think, IT'S ME!, it's where I wanna be! I'm liking it more and more all the time! There is something about it , that suites me FINE!



Feels good to be home!

Ahhhh.... it feels good to be home! It's always fun to see all the new things and talk to so many creative people, but it always feels good to be home too! The flight home, was a breeze, NO problems, no delays! HURRAY! Seems like that never happens anymore. I love flighing Southwest! They seem to do well for me. The flight there on Wed, did have a 4 hour delay, but, once we got going , it was fine. I guess the weather was bad in St Louis. Glad I got in on Wed instead of Thursday, because I guess becuause of bad weather in around Chicago, the airport was a MESS. All the Hotels were full, and the airport had people sleeping on cots everywhere. NOT FUN!
Anyway, CHA went well. It's pretty amazing to see how it all comes together. At first it's just the HUGE empty space, and by the time the show starts , and all the companies have their booths and displays up, it's just amazing.
Here are some pics, and I'll upload somemore later.
This is one pic of the "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage"
booth, where I was, and a picture of the new papers.
The can the says "Beaver Buzz" is an new energy drink they have in Canada, that Sandy brought for all of us. LOL (it really wasnt too bad) . A friend of hers is involved with the company that makes this drink.

It's pretty amazing to think, that when its all over , that it all (with precision accuracy) fits into one of these pods, and gets shipped on to the next show. Packing and unpacking to set up, takes quite a bit of work, but Sandy had done this MANY times, so that certainly helps things go faster.

I need to head out the door to the dentist to see what he can do about the crown I lost the first day I was gone. (oh joy!)
I was just thankful I didnt get a tooth ache!
I'll post some more pictures and write some when I get back, if "Blogger" is working . I was having some trouble getting this up.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Countdown to CHA

I can not even believe how fast this day went by!!!
I had hoped to get SO much more done. Kind of bummed about it, but I guess some days are just that way. Seems like somedays, I can sit down and just create like crazy and other days, I spend so much time, and then I'm not happy with it when I'm finished! (that's the kind of day today was). Heres hoping tomorrow is more productive!

I am excited about this though, and wanted to share. I just got to see the new catalog cover!
Woo Hoo! Ariell, makes the cover again! Yay for you take that to school and show those girls who didnt believe you when you said you were going to be on the cover of a magizine! LOL This is the second one!!!! Her sweet face graced the cover of Correspondance ART also.

Anyway, off to bed for me! Send my all your creative vibes girls....cause I NEED EM!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

July ScrapMuse Layouts

Decided that since I haven't been able to post any of my assignment projects , I would post my July layouts for ScrapMuse. They were all done with pictures taken over the 4th when everyone was home for the get together, expect for the on of Griffin and I. OK..... Those pictures of Griffin working me over CRACK ME UP! so I had to do a funny layout with them. Jarad had my camera ,and thought it was funny, so he just kept snapping away. I was telling him to stop taking pictures, and he was laughing his head off. As you can see, I can my hands pretty full, just trying to hang on to Griffin. Jarad , just kept laughing and saying, "yeah mom, he REALLY loves you!"
He obviously didn't want anything to do with me THAT day! LOL We did finally come to an agreement though. I think he decided Aunt Vic is "OK"!
( Griffin is my Brother Dans grandson...Kiley's little boy)

Adriana was a wild woman on that scooter of hers, riding it up and down the sidewalk at Grandma Dunns. She was thinking it was pretty funny to play "chicken" with me, while I was standing there trying to get the perfect picture. Silly girl! ( Adriana is my sister Sharons grandaugher... Gregs and Trinnas daughter. They were here from MN.)

The little sweetheart with the lilly in her hair is Lynsay, (my brother Gary's Grandaugher....Scott and Sues daugher). The journaling on the layout talks about how she is the only girl in her family. (she has three brothers), and she can hold her won with them... NO Problem... but she is all about being a GIRL, there is no doubt about that. She loves to have me take her picture. I turned away to pick up my camera, and when I turned back she had placed this flower behind her ear. What a little doll!

The "Trinna" layout is one I did of Gregs wife Trinna, (Adriana and Austins mommy). I just think the world of this girl. She is such a sweet person and amazing mom.
Always talking to her kids in such a calm and loving way... I'm just in awe of her patience. ( and energy... man does this girl have energy!) LOL

Ok, that's all my sharing for today. It's late, and I keep telling myself I need to start getting to bed earlier! ( I always say that) LOL Vic

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Scrapped out!

Is this just the sweetest picture of my brother Dan (being papa) to Jayvier. He is a good Grandpa, and you can tell, because J, Griffin and Kirstin all love him to pieces.

There have been VERY few times that I can honestly say, I don't want to scrap, but I'm there. I have been on a mission , just pumping stuff out for so many days now, that I'm about to go stir crazy in this room. It's been over 100 the last couple of days, so I guess ,I really don't want to be outside either! LOL

After CHA, I swear I'm taking a vacation....... ( I don't know where I'm going....But it will be OUT of this room! LOL

I have been having so much fun looking at the Pictures Keith sent. They are just so fun, I'm sharing some more today. The one of Wes sitting on the big soccer ball, cracks me up.... That's my son the athlete!

Exciting news today for my friend Becky. She has been patiently waiting for a new grandchild, and hoping it arrives before she has to leave for CHA. Well, it's a healthy baby girl, "Harper Quin" (hope the spelling is correct?). Happy for Becky that she got to be here for the birth!

I'm also really happy for Jan and Keith this weekend , because they get to have Ryan back for a visit!! He lives in Denver now, but has been back twice in the past few months to be in friends weddings. I know they love having him home..Even if it is only for a short visit. His mama and Aunt Vic are missing him bunches since he moved to Denver, but really happy for him that he is really doing well, and loving living there. I love that photo of him and Neely!

Mom is doing well. She had a procedure done on her eye on Wed, because when she went in for her eye check up, they noticed some fluid behind her eye, so they sent her on to a specialist in Omaha. Jan took her in for the appointment, and she did very well. She goes back in a month for another treatment, then we hope that does the trick.

This weekend is "John C Fremont Days" , so I'm sure Jarad will spend most of the weekend in Fremont with Friends. Wes and a friend popped in on there way, coming and going to Lincoln to a concert last night. ( long enough to raid the refrigerator). LOL The last time was about 2:30am this morning. Oh brother...Kids!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Thanks Keith!

I don't know why, but my boys are less than enthusiastic about their mom clicking away in there face with a camera, so I don't always get good shots of the two of them anymore. hmmm, maybe I burnt them out?? LOL
Anyway, lucky for me, there is another camera crazed fool in this family. Keith has an incredible eye for candid shots, and he has enough cameras and lens to work for the "National Enquirer".... So I know I can count on him. These are some pics of the boys on the fourth he shared with me.
Actually he sent me (I should say, "he" burned it, and "Jan" sent it) a whole CD full of pics. His photography has been such an inspiration to me. I really started to look at things in a totally different way, after I started looking at his photography. Photography truly is an ART all its own. I really know nothing about photography, (except that I love it), but I still have fun with it.

I laughed so hard when I saw the look on Wes's face in this picture of him dishing up. Man, when your kids live on their own, they really learn to appreciate good food!

I love seeing pictures of the boys together. Sometimes growing up , I wondered if they would ever stop fighting. It's so cool, to see how well they get along now.

These are just the pics of my boys that Keith sent, tomorrow I'll share some of the other family pics from when we were all together. Thanks again Keith!