Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fantastic Fourth!

We had so much fun on the 4th! Spent the entire day with family! We had rented a place, that had an inside airconditioned building that was really nice, with a big kitchen ect... and a great outside play area for the kids, with lakes to fish, little bridges, a place to play baseball ect... It was a great place... and for July in Nebraska, the weather was wonderful.
It was so fun to see the cousins get to play together and get to spend time together, especially the ones that live so far away from eachother. It was just a really fun day... lots of great food, talking , hugging,(we are the" huggingest" family ever...geeezzz), laughing , ( LOTS of laughing),
looking at pictures, playing ball, fishing, you name it. Wes and Nathaniel even played guitar, and we watched some of the video clips from the "Tilly" show that Jan and Keith just went to in Texas.
Hated to see the day end! It's always hard to say goodbye when the day does come to an end. Standing at the cars , hugging and saying goodbye knowing it's going to be another year before we are together again, with those who live far away, always makes me sad. When I was saying good bye to the kids through the window one last time... I could feel the tears comming... (time to walk away)! I just love the little buggers SO MUCH, and when they are that age, they seem to change and grow so quickly!
When I get that lump in my throat and feel teary, it always makes me think about when I was a little girl ,and we would go to visit our Aunt Pauline in SD. Everytime we would leave she would have tears running down her face, and I just didnt understand it??? I said to my mom.. "Why is Aunt Pauline crying"??? , and she said, "oh, she just hates to see us leave, she will miss us". I just DIDNT understand that!!!
All I can say, is Aunt Pauline... NOW... I totally understand! Now I am the crying Aunt!

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Pattyjo said...

I think there should be a written law, that if our children grow up in ..whatever state...they can not ever move away! It killed me when my son and his wife moved to Alaska! Thaat is on the other side of the planet and they actually took my 5 grandkids with them!