Monday, July 24, 2006

Feels good to be home!

Ahhhh.... it feels good to be home! It's always fun to see all the new things and talk to so many creative people, but it always feels good to be home too! The flight home, was a breeze, NO problems, no delays! HURRAY! Seems like that never happens anymore. I love flighing Southwest! They seem to do well for me. The flight there on Wed, did have a 4 hour delay, but, once we got going , it was fine. I guess the weather was bad in St Louis. Glad I got in on Wed instead of Thursday, because I guess becuause of bad weather in around Chicago, the airport was a MESS. All the Hotels were full, and the airport had people sleeping on cots everywhere. NOT FUN!
Anyway, CHA went well. It's pretty amazing to see how it all comes together. At first it's just the HUGE empty space, and by the time the show starts , and all the companies have their booths and displays up, it's just amazing.
Here are some pics, and I'll upload somemore later.
This is one pic of the "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage"
booth, where I was, and a picture of the new papers.
The can the says "Beaver Buzz" is an new energy drink they have in Canada, that Sandy brought for all of us. LOL (it really wasnt too bad) . A friend of hers is involved with the company that makes this drink.

It's pretty amazing to think, that when its all over , that it all (with precision accuracy) fits into one of these pods, and gets shipped on to the next show. Packing and unpacking to set up, takes quite a bit of work, but Sandy had done this MANY times, so that certainly helps things go faster.

I need to head out the door to the dentist to see what he can do about the crown I lost the first day I was gone. (oh joy!)
I was just thankful I didnt get a tooth ache!
I'll post some more pictures and write some when I get back, if "Blogger" is working . I was having some trouble getting this up.


Catherine said...

Hey Girlie!! So GOOD to see you. Can't wait to see more pictures.

Nat said...

Glad you are back!!!!