Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Home with my pups


The dogs are in heaven ,now that they have someone home with them all day again! Molly keeps bringing me toys , while I'm trying to work... like "PLAY with ME!!!"
She is one of those dogs that just doesnt give up, and go away...she will cry, and nudge my arm, as I'm typing. Anything to get your attention!!!
I finally broke down and played catch with her for a while. Geeezzz.... I thought I was done raising kids? LOL
She's kinda naughty, but cha just gotta luv her!

"Pixie Jar"

Everytime I look at this now I just cant help but laugh. I made this today , using the new Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage ,party hats, butterfly wings and cotton scraps. When I was little, my hair was ALWAYS cut in a PIXIE..... so , I found this quite fitting!!!! LOL

I love having this fun new little things to work with! I'm so excited about the new CS papers, that I can hardly stand waiting for them to come out! October seems so far away right now, but I know it will come fast.
These wings and hats , are fun and funky, and will be great for ATC's and Altered projects.
I cut the butterflies out and used Diamond glaze to adhere them to the inside of the jar.
I'm I a dork in that picture or what! LOL My hands just happend to be like that because I was sitting on my Grandpas lap , in the picture, and had my hands on his knees. It really worked out perfect for me to hold the "playful Pixie" banner huh? LOL

Gee, you cant tell I love my dogs , can you????


Here is my sweet little Aly pup! She is NOTHING like Molly. She is so mild mannered,and meek. She just sits around looking sweet all day! She loves tiny carrots and mini marshmallows and is scared of the curtains when the wind blows. ( so now do you have more info on my dogs then you ever want?) LOL

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Nat said...

I love your cute doogies- these eyes - sooo cute! I also love your pixie jar - it is too cute and you do not look like a dork!!!