Sunday, July 16, 2006

July ScrapMuse Layouts

Decided that since I haven't been able to post any of my assignment projects , I would post my July layouts for ScrapMuse. They were all done with pictures taken over the 4th when everyone was home for the get together, expect for the on of Griffin and I. OK..... Those pictures of Griffin working me over CRACK ME UP! so I had to do a funny layout with them. Jarad had my camera ,and thought it was funny, so he just kept snapping away. I was telling him to stop taking pictures, and he was laughing his head off. As you can see, I can my hands pretty full, just trying to hang on to Griffin. Jarad , just kept laughing and saying, "yeah mom, he REALLY loves you!"
He obviously didn't want anything to do with me THAT day! LOL We did finally come to an agreement though. I think he decided Aunt Vic is "OK"!
( Griffin is my Brother Dans grandson...Kiley's little boy)

Adriana was a wild woman on that scooter of hers, riding it up and down the sidewalk at Grandma Dunns. She was thinking it was pretty funny to play "chicken" with me, while I was standing there trying to get the perfect picture. Silly girl! ( Adriana is my sister Sharons grandaugher... Gregs and Trinnas daughter. They were here from MN.)

The little sweetheart with the lilly in her hair is Lynsay, (my brother Gary's Grandaugher....Scott and Sues daugher). The journaling on the layout talks about how she is the only girl in her family. (she has three brothers), and she can hold her won with them... NO Problem... but she is all about being a GIRL, there is no doubt about that. She loves to have me take her picture. I turned away to pick up my camera, and when I turned back she had placed this flower behind her ear. What a little doll!

The "Trinna" layout is one I did of Gregs wife Trinna, (Adriana and Austins mommy). I just think the world of this girl. She is such a sweet person and amazing mom.
Always talking to her kids in such a calm and loving way... I'm just in awe of her patience. ( and energy... man does this girl have energy!) LOL

Ok, that's all my sharing for today. It's late, and I keep telling myself I need to start getting to bed earlier! ( I always say that) LOL Vic

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Nat said...

Ahhh - those lOs are soooo beautiful! I love them all! You rock!