Tuesday, August 01, 2006


OK, so this is the week , that I swore I was getting out of this room and taking a bit of a break from scrapping and from the computer. Not planning on going anywhere, just some "chill" time, and some time to do some things around the house. I just know how I am, and I talk big , but following through is another thing. LOL I know taking a break can be a really good thing... usually you come back to things refreshed and inspired to create. Hopefully that's what will happen!
Here are a couple of Halloween cards I did with the new papers and "Cotton Scraps" from "Crafty Secrets Hearwarming Vintage". Are these fabric images the cutest ever? I love em!
The Halloween images were the very first things of theirs I used ,that got me hooked. That was way back when they only had the "Halloween Cuts", even before the "Halloween stickers." But I still love them all!

It has been SO hot! The poor dogs dont even want to go outside! Thats bad, because they ALWAYS want to go outside! They go out and do their thing and come right back to the door, like ... "let us in"! I dont blame them ....it's HOT out there! How did people ever survive before air conditioning? YUCK!
Here's hoping you are all staying COOL!

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