Sunday, July 30, 2006

What's your style (second part)

Finally, I can get the pictures to upload. Not sure what the problem was.
I decided to just take random pictures all over instead of just the kitchen. I realize after looking around , that I really used to lean towards darker colors, but I'm really starting to like more color. I just finished these containers, that I got on a clearance table at Gordmans for a buck! Woo Hoo, love a deal!

This is the table beside my bed. The shoes where mine as a little girl, and the photo is my absolute favorite. It's of my dad and I , and he has his hand on my head.

I love things like this white cabnet, but the problem is ...I NEED TO PAINT some color on my walls. ( I hate to paint!) walls, that is! This little tea pot was given to me by Dan's grandma, the spices where my grandmas, and the recipe is my moms stuffing recipe. These are a few of my favorite things. (singing) LOL I love just having things out that love... so I can see them everyday!

The glasses on the books were my great grandmas, and the books were some that I found in the abandon house my dad lived in as a child in SD.

I know this is probably a plant hanger that belongs outside , but I use it in the kitchen as a towel holder. I just had to have it, when I saw it in a store in the Black Hills when we were on vacation.

You can really tell how , like your scrapbooking style, your decorating style can really change with time. Our other house was alot like this bathroom is now. All done very victorian. I still love victorian, but I think you come to a certain time in your life, when you just dont want all that STUFF! LOL (maybe it's because it's just too much to dust!) But this is my girly bathroom , so I still enjoy all the foofy stuff!

The other bathroom is much more simple.... lots less clutter, simple, basic, no clutter.

This is the perfect example of that I was talking about. Sometimes with my layouts.... SIMPLE and the next one OVER THE TOP. Whats the deal with me???? LOL

So what's your thoughts on this...

Does every scrapbooker have to have a certain style?

For my family and those of you who dont scrapbook.... I promise my next post.... NO SCRAPBOOKING TALK!!!!! LOL


Nat said...

Love your style in scrapbook and decorating!!!

becky said...

me too!