Saturday, July 29, 2006

What's your style?

Here I am talking about "Scrapbooking" again...But "What's your style?" is a question that seems to come up a lot, when your talking to others who share this passion. I have been thinking ALOT about this! I think the reason I have given it so much thought is because I'm not sure "I" have a "Style",.... And for some reason , this concerns me at times. LOL I just really like so many different styles, and it's so fun to try new things . I find that one time I do a very simple layout, with lots of straight lines, and minimal use of embellishments, if any(esp if it's a really striking photo).........BUT the next time... Collage just rings my bell, and I use everything but the kitchen sink on my layout. I'm a technique junky, and love trying new things, so sometimes it's fun to just get lost in it.
I love to ask people who scrap, what inspires them most. If you have time, I'd love for you comment and tell me. I always wonder if the way someone decorates their home, or the style of clothes they wear...ect is in anyway refected in the way they scrap???? I was standing in my kitchen looking around thinking....hmmmm.... I don't really know if the way I decorate my home has a huge impact on how I design when scrapbooking, but I'm sure it has some. Colors, style, placement, ect....
I can think of two really great examples of friends of mine that I would say ...Their decorating style is defiantly refected onto their scrapbook pages.
Becky Novacek's home is just as beautiful as her photography, and her amazing layouts. Kind of a "French Cottage" feel, tons of stunning white framed black and white photos and all these amazing vintage things ,displayed in a way that is just like something out of a magazine. Gorgeous! Her amazing eye for design is just as obvious in her art workas it is in her home.
The other person that I think really transfers her interior decorating abilities to her scrapbook style is Deb Steenblock. She uses warm colors a lot,and works them like no one I know. I am always amazed at her use of the color RED also. I find red kind of hard to use at times, but this girl, LOVES red, and incorporates it in her home and in her scrapbooking, for that little added punch, that is just perfect! I've posted some photos of Debs house on my bog before, if you look back a bit, you can check them out. Her house is just one of those , that you just want to curl up with a good book and stay all day.
I realize that most of the things I have around my house are just things I love to look at, or they have some sentimental meaning to me. I just need to find time to put some paint on these walls, and revamp a bit. Anyway, since I was so deep in thought about this "Where do you get your inspiration"? Thing.... I posted these pictures of some of my favorite things (just in my kitchen).
Maybe a room a day? LOL

**For some reason I can't get them to all upload here so that's why they are above , in a separate entry. Grrr... not happening, I'll have to try again later.

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becky said...

awww, thanks friend! i agree on your comments about deb's home!